Bolivia is a challenging jurisdiction in which to conduct business and protect and enforce IP rights, due to outdated legislation and performance issues at the National Intellectual Property Service. These were highlighted in stark fashion by the covid-19 pandemic: as the IP office has never supported online filings, it was ill-prepared and ill-equipped to enable remote services. Compounding the problems were poor policy decisions, which could potentially create significant difficulties for applicants down the line.


  • Bolet & Terrero
  • Bufete Aguirre, Quintanilla, Soria & Nishizawa
  • Moreno Baldivieso Attorneys
  • Cervieri Monsuarez & Associates
  • CR & F Rojas Abogados
  • DAK Intellectual Property
  • Escobar & Escobar
  • Guevara & Gutiérrez SC
  • PPO
  • Ferrere
  • Landivar & Landivar

Bolet & Terrero

Accounting for much of the country’s IP traffic, centenarian firm Bolet & Terrero knows the ins and outs of the local market like no other and is a trusted option both locally and internationally. Leveraging expertise spanning all areas of IP and commercial law, the team focuses on developing and enhancing brand portfolios to give clients a competitive advantage – it’s never just about the filing numbers. Managing partner Juan Ignacio Zapata enjoys a sterling reputation on the litigation and enforcement fronts; his superb hit rate is a credit to his pragmatism and insight. On the non-contentious side, Mario Cruz draws on nearly three decades of experience to help clients dodge prosecution snares.

Bufete Aguirre, Quintanilla, Soria & Nishizawa

BAQSN was set up by two high-flying lawyers in 2018 and has since taken the market by storm with its flexible, enthusiastic and committed approach. Its IP team is one of its most dynamic, comprising highly specialised attorneys and lawyers who provide a comprehensive service on both the domestic and international stages. Taking charge of the department is Perla Koziner, a former general executive director of the National Intellectual Property Service who contributes much to the advancement of intellectual property through her engagement and leadership in IP associations. Colleague Moira Ascarrunz is one of Bolivia’s best when it comes to contentious matters at the administrative level.

Cervieri Monsuarez & Associates

Cervieri Monsuarez provides a cohesive trademark offering across Bolivia, Uruguay and Paraguay, making it an “excellent choice for companies looking to expand their rights throughout the Latin American market”. Its regionally dominant anti-counterfeiting practice also sets it apart: the team carries out frequent raids, provides a sophisticated online monitoring service and plays a key role in educating and training customs officials. In Bolivia, Diego Rocabado and Mónica Rivero take centre stage and give “extremely responsive, timely and to-the-point advice”. Rocabado heads the legal, litigation and corporate areas, and is a go-to for complex cases on behalf of A-list companies such as Nestlé. Rivero is key to the firm’s enforcement success and recently helped Polo Ralph Lauren to clear counterfeit goods from the market.

CR & F Rojas Abogados

Traditional full-service ensemble CR & F Rojas Abogados has been a fixture on the Bolivian legal scene for 120 years and is virtually unrivalled for the depth of its local market knowledge. It also has enviable international reach, serving as the Lex Mundi member for Bolivia. The IP group maintains the stellar standards for which the wider firm is renowned, providing “fast, meticulous answers to all enquiries along with valuable updates on trademark developments”. The pacesetters are Paula Bauer and Alejandra Bernal, who receive warm plaudits for their “thorough reports, excellent and amicable attention and resourceful solutions”. The two frequently join forces to serve multinationals such as Harley Davidson and Hallmark Cards.

DAK Intellectual Property

DAK Intellectual Property handles routine trademark matters with exactitude, but is at its best when solving complex problems and setting strategy. The three-partner set-up scores top marks for service: its response rate is impressively quick and the focus is always on quality. Driven by founding partners Carlos Arze-Diaz, Pablo Kyllmann and Octavio Alvarez, the firm is constantly evolving and has lately been beefing up its corporate law expertise to provide brand owners with a value-additive IP-plus-commercial service.

Escobar & Escobar

Dynamic and “well-organised” IP boutique Escobar & Escobar has become a “serious market competitor” in recent times and earns its *WTR 1000* debut as a result. Its energetic young professionals utilise sophisticated technical tools to find swift, definitive answers to all trademark questions. They have forged close relations with a wide network of foreign associates and brand owners, which send prodigious volumes of filings and anti-counterfeiting matters their way. Joaquin Fernando Escobar Cabezas is a “well-studied and responsive professional”, and a key contact for brand protection and enforcement mandates.


For international companies seeking commercially infused IP counsel, Ferrere fits the bill perfectly. The full-service firm of 250 attorneys across four jurisdictions has the resources and legal and commercial chops to tackle all instructions, making it an attractive one-stop shop. In Bolivia, it boasts a sizeable team whose members marry deep knowledge of the local market with wider regional expertise. A glittering client roster bears testament to the quality on offer: the group provides brand management counsel to Netflix and Xiaomi; handles the entire Bolivian portfolio of Bayer and represents it in crucial disputes; and acts for Groupon, on whose behalf it recently secured a favourable Supreme Court ruling.

Guevara & Gutiérrez SC

One of Bolivia’s pre-eminent law firms, Guevara & Gutiérrez has a stacked bench of highly respected professionals with insight in diverse legal disciplines. Exceptionally knowledgeable about trademarks, brands and patents, Marcos Mercado is the rainmaker in the IP practice.

Landivar & Landivar

“Landivar & Landivar is a widely reputed, traditional IP player”, but it keeps things fresh and continually adapts its practice in step with changes in the market; state-of-the-art IT systems, for example, make for efficient and accurate branding services. “A widely respected professional well known for her dedication to IP protection”, Martha Landívar Gantier has built up “an impressive portfolio of blue-chip clients”.

Moreno Baldivieso Attorneys

Originally founded as a boutique, Moreno Baldivieso has since expanded into a full-service powerhouse, which handles many of the jurisdiction’s most important mandates. Highly proactive, the set has recently made new hires, invested in new software and restructured the IP department around key focus areas, giving it more flexibility to package services to clients’ individual needs. Senior partner Ramiro J Moreno Baldivieso is the cornerstone of the practice; complex cases are meat and drink to this former Supreme Court judge. The all-rounder frequently combines with Rodrigo Moreno Gutierrez – a practical and forward-thinking practitioner who keeps a close eye on daily operations – on prosecution briefs, providing shrewd brand management advice to brand owners such as Hitachi. Further contentious firepower comes from Freddy Paredes; the litigation specialist recently combined with Baldivieso and Gutierrez to hammer out positive results for Gloria and PepsiCo.


Distinguished boutique ORPAN has long enjoy a position in the upper echelons of the Bolivian legal world, and in Pilar Soruco, it has one of Bolivia’s most esteemed professionals. Having practised for half a century, she possesses truly outstanding subject knowledge and is “admired for her efforts in advancing Bolivian intellectual property to where it is today”. Wolfgang Ohnes Casso is another key contact: well connected in both Latin America and Europe, he provides holistic, internationally attuned advice.

Other recommended experts

Juan Pablo Villegas Urriolagoitia is a dynamic young professional who, having worked in the enforcement branch of the National Intellectual Property Service, produces valuable strategies in contentious proceedings. He flies the flag at GVA Abogados.


  • Perla Koziner - Bufete Aguirre, Quintanilla, Soria & Nishizawa
  • Marcos Mercado - Guevara & Gutiérrez SC
  • Ramiro J Moreno Baldivieso - Moreno Baldivieso Attorneys
  • Pilar Soruco - PPO Abogados
  • Juan Ignacio Zapata - Bolet & Terrero
  • Octavio Alvarez - DAK Intellectual Property
  • Carlos Arze-Diaz - DAK Intellectual Property
  • Moira Ascarrunz - Bufete Aguirre Soc Civ
  • Paula Bauer V - CR & F Rojas Abogados
  • Mario Cruz - Bolet & Terrero
  • Yamila Droguett De Mattos - Moreno Baldivieso Attorneys
  • Pablo Kyllmann - DAK Intellectual Property
  • Martha Landívar Gantier - Landivar & Landivar
  • Rodrigo Moreno Gutierrez - Moreno Baldivieso Attorneys
  • Wolfgang L Ohnes Casso - ORPAN
  • Freddy Paredes - Moreno Baldivieso Estudio de Abogados
  • Mónica Rivero - Cervieri Monsuarez & Associates
  • Diego Rocabado - Cervieri Monsuarez & Associates
  • Juan Pablo Villegas Urriolagoitia - GVA Abogados
  • Joaquin Fernando Escobar Cabezas - Escobar & Escobar