As a central hub of Latin America, Argentina is an important market for international brand owners. However, historically it has been a difficult jurisdiction in which to manoeuvre; political and economic problems, a lack of modernisation at the Argentine Patent and Trademark Office (INPI) and rife counterfeiting issues have all created obstacles to effective IP rights protection. Improvements are being seen on all fronts though; the economy is slowly recovering and foreign investment is increasing; filings are on the uptick; the INPI is improving in terms of efficiency; an emergency decree was issued in 2018 with revisions simplifying the opposition procedure and cutting prosecution times; and hundreds of raids are being conducted to tackle counterfeiters. IP practitioners are cautiously optimistic that these developments will continue to percolate.


  • G Breuer
  • Marval O’Farrell & Mairal
  • Baker McKenzie SC 
  • FRTB - Ferrer Reyes, Tellechea & Bouché
  • Hausheer Belgrano & Fernández
  • Noetinger & Armando
  • Palacio & Asociados
  • Apellaniz & O’Farrell
  • Berken IP
  • Estudio Chaloupka
  • Fernández Lacort
  • Litvin Legales
  • Moeller IP Advisors
  • O’Conor & Power Abogados-Propiedad Industrial
  • Richelet & Richelet

Apellaniz & O’Farrell

2018 was a fantastic year for “responsive and reliable boutique” Apellaniz & O’Farrell; for example, it secured a slew of new foreign clients and proved its mettle on important and cutting-edge counterfeiting cases. The compact setup is sought after because of its expertise in the trademark field combined with the speed of its turnaround and the personal nature of its service. Firm leader Nicolas O’Farrell is warmly endorsed by foreign associates as “a top IP expert in Argentina. He is a dedicated, knowledgeable and super-efficient lawyer and a classy guy who is just a pleasure to be with”.

Baker McKenzie SC 

Baker McKenzie ascends to the WTR 1000 silver tier in Argentina this year in recognition of the sterling work it delivers for a swathe of famous global companies. To give but a sampling, the team serves 3M as prosecution coordinator for Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay and Chile; handles all of Disney’s trademark enforcement work (via civil and criminal channels); and represents Warner in the fight against fakes. Excellent results are obtained all around thanks to the leadership of veteran Bernard William Malone. “An expeditious lawyer who has a great understanding of the needs of his clients and the commercial context in which they operate, Bernard puts in strong performances that exceed expectations.” “He is bright, energetic and well organised, and an acknowledged expert in trademark law.” He commands a close-knit team of five dedicated IP lawyers and judiciously draws on the firm’s wider litigation practice for additional resources where necessary. There are 15 English-speaking paralegals on deck, too, to ensure the smooth administration of the sizeable practice.

Berken IP

A top lawyer at a gold-tier outfit in Brazil comments: “Berken IP is the one I would recommend in Argentina. It is super responsive and the quality of its work is extremely high. It feels like our sibling and I am super confident in its strategies and approach.” Specialised in patent and technology law – particularly in the life sciences sector – the ensemble also knows how to secure trademark rights with the minimum of fuss, as well as monetise them and enforce them. Bárbara Porcario is a good contact on the trademark side.


This firm has done an excellent job finding its groove in the past year following a storm of merger and recruitment activity and a significant rebrand in late 2017; the combination of Berton Moreno & Asociados and the IP partners of Mitrani has clearly been a successful one. Proficient across the board when it comes to trademark protection and enforcement, the ensemble has an affinity for executing international (regional or global) brand strategies that are influenced by an incisive understanding of the industries in which clients operate. A deep bench of senior specialists is one of the defining features of the organisation, which has seven individuals listed in the WTR 1000 – more than any of its competitors. First among equals is Alberto Berton Moreno Jr, a fashion, retail and sports expert who handles an array of interesting briefs. He has been instrumental in ensuring the smooth running of the back office by putting in place robust administrative protocols, which enables him to do what he does best – advise clients. Also known for the sagacity of her counselling is Mercedes Bullrich, who is a repository of trust for big US technology and media/entertainment brands. Juan Carlos Ojam is a litigation and administrative procedures veteran; an accredited arbitrator, too, he can sooth any infringement headache. He is recommended by foreign sources for his “timely and detailed reporting and clear recommendations on overall brand strategy”. Enrique Gatti and Marcelo García Sellart – two advocates with authority in their voices – also thrive in the cut and thrust of litigation. Raquel Irene Flanzbaum artfully crosses the contentious/non-contentious divide and adds value with her broad expertise and experience; so, too, does Juan Berton Moreno, who has a deep knowledge of trademark-adjacent areas including advertising, marketing and competition law.

Estudio Chaloupka

At respected IP firm Estudio Chaloupka, accomplished practitioners render an attentive service to a diverse range of companies of domestic and foreign origin. Tailoring their advice and communication style to meet the commercial objectives of clients and satisfy their reporting requirements is something they do well under the supervision of head of legal Claudia Serritelli and head of foreign trademarks Paula Galván. These well-connected lawyers make the most of a technically sophisticated setup to handle portfolio matters efficiently and cost-effectively.

Fernández Lacort

Like many, Fernández Lacort knows what it takes to secure strong trademark protections; what it does better than many, however, is endow brand owners with the knowledge and tools to leverage their intangible assets in a commercial environment. Inculcating a business-focused approach in the team is Claudio Fernández Lacort, an IP all-rounder with an excellent track record managing portfolios for maximum gain in Argentina and further afield.

FRTB - Ferrer Reyes, Tellechea & Bouché

It’s been ‘steady as she goes’ at FRTB over the past several years – the stability and consistency of the team are a major selling point for international rights holders looking for a reliable contact point in Latin America. Julia Tellechea, Diego Bouché Ocampo, Laura de Achával, Laura Plavnick, and Santiago Ferrer Reyes have practised side by side for a long time and have made a shared commitment of quality and responsiveness to the firm’s clients. Instructions are assigned in sensible fashion to the individual best suited to the case at hand. If it’s a prosecution brief from a pharmaceutical, agribusiness or chemical company, for example, it goes to Tellechea; the trademark co-head is a veteran IP protector and one of the best in Argentina on trademark search and clearance. Bouché handles similar assignments similarly well for leaders in the food industry. Litigation section leader Achával is best suited to anything hotly contentious and, together with her lieutenant Plavnick and high-level IP strategist (and patent ace) Ferrer Reyes, she stamps out infringing activities on behalf of Nike; the three get a great write-up from clients for their “meticulous attention to detail, profound knowledge of the law, immediate responses and innovative thinking”.

G Breuer

“Solid gold in Argentina”, G Breuer is a byword for excellence in intellectual property. The “historic IP firm” has one of the best teams in the business – and certainly the most experienced. Jorge Otamendi is the fulcrum around which the practice turns; famous in Latin America as a top litigator, he is nonetheless “a complete lawyer”. Alejandro Breuer-Moreno takes the lead on the trademark side while Pedro Breuer-Moreno oversees patent activities, although both are perspicacious 360-degree IP thinkers.

Hausheer Belgrano & Fernández

Hailed by peers as a “strong IP boutique” and cited for its high-calibre prosecution and litigation practices, Hausheer Belgrano & Fernández can support brand owners in many meaningful ways. Deep experience gives the ensemble the wherewithal to navigate uncharted territory with confidence, while a mature IT infrastructure enables it to handle routine matters with the minimum of fuss – a duality which gives clients confidence whether they have a complex problem on their hands or simply a lot to crunch through. Steering the practice are award-winning brand strategist and foreign client group chief Graciela Claudia Pérez de Inzaurraga and Carolina Inés Fernández, who has a rich comprehension of prosecution procedures and enforcement tactics.

Litvin Legales

Litvin Legales makes its debut in the WTR 1000 this year in style: “The firm is just terrific; it is absolutely thorough and extremely professional in everything it does, it gives honest evaluations and it provides a very prompt service.” Founding partner Melisa Litvin is a beacon of light for many domestic companies and, increasingly, internationals, too. She’s all about personal relationships because she knows that these foster more effective and efficient communication, which is essential in the trademark field. Solving rather than creating problems, she performs flawlessly on prosecution and litigation matters and knows a thing or two about IP commercialisation, too.

Marval O’Farrell & Mairal

If you’re looking for a launching point for trademark protection and enforcement initiatives across Latin America and the Caribbean, choosing Marval O’Farrell & Mairal is the smartest decision you can make; the Argentine superstar has the contacts and the motivational skills to get effective protection in difficult jurisdictions quickly and cost-efficiently. An IP rights management doyenne, Iris Quadrio is “the best in Argentina” on prosecution – although it’s a title she shares with Sergio Ellmann, a prolific filer for marquee international clients with huge portfolios. Breaking into the WTR 1000 for the first time this year, Juan Lopez Mañan is another savvy brand strategist. “He manages portfolios with integrity and proficiency and has no problem meeting extremely tight deadlines. He has a true appreciation of what his clients need and gives spot-on advice around complex trademark issues in language that is easy to understand. He is methodical, extremely well organised and efficient – something you can say about the whole team.” Marval has few, if any, equals in the entire region when it comes to litigation and enforcement – Gustavo Patricio Giay and Martín Chajchir make it so. Giay leads the unit to victory after victory for the likes of adidas, Hasbro and many more. Coming in for particular praise this year, Chajchir is “detail oriented and a creative thinker who consistently gets amazing results”.

Moeller IP Advisors

Moeller IP delivers crisp results when mandated with protecting IP rights across Central and Latin America. The specialisation and expertise of its local crew in Argentina, plus the extent and quality of its foreign network, are equally compelling reasons to come here. When you call on head of brands Victoria de Lasa Andrés you have a reliable single point of contact for all your regional trademark needs. She manages matters, deadlines and strategies with finesse, ensuring that behind-the-scenes activities proceed smoothly while keeping clients in the loop as much, or as little, as they want. Responsible for extending and enhancing the network is Mariano Municoy; he knows that patrons care about quality and cost and puts the team in a position to deliver on both.

Noetinger & Armando

Although it provides broader services – including consumer and corporate law – Noetinger & Armando’s raison d’être is intellectual property. Taking advantage of its broader horizons, the ensemble neatly tailors its IP advice to align with the business strategies that its patrons are pursuing in Argentina and internationally, and is popular for its “commercially intelligent and pragmatic advice”. Fernando Noetinger, Matías Noetinger and Pablo Armando have vast experience, both collectively and individually. The most seasoned of the crew is Fernando, who takes the lead on litigation; his enforcement strategies are well thought out and incorporate learnings from the prosecution and monetisation sides of his practice. Matías has an exceptional breadth of knowledge which encompasses all traditional IP areas but also unfair competition law and much else besides; he leads the copyright and trademark unit. Armando is the youngest but certainly isn’t wet behind the ears; he is highly adept at managing foreign trademark registrations.

O’Conor & Power Abogados-Propiedad Industrial

O’Conor & Power represents an enviable list of multinationals directly and via the instruction of foreign correspondents. Popular for its personal management of matters, the team doesn’t pass files from one person to the next; clients always know who to call and can invariably reach them any time of the day or night. Shaping the nature of the service and guiding clients along the most fruitful IP protection and business paths is Santiago O’Conor. He lives and breathes trademarks but is working to broaden the firm’s scope – expect to see this nimble boutique showing up more on patent, copyright and design matters.


PAGBAM | IP has a panoramic view of the IP landscape in Argentina – and the region – and deploys a multidisciplinary contingent of experts to advance the agendas of patent and trademark owners spanning a broad array of industries. Facilitating early wins in infringement cases is one trick of which the set has demonstrated particular mastery. Founding partner Fernando Alonso and senior practitioner Paula Fernández Pfizenmaier form the backbone of the trademark practice. Alonso is respected as a teacher, writer and counsellor and is an influential voice in the market. Fernández Pfizenmaier enhances the value of her brand-related advice by overlaying it with advertising and regulatory insights.

Palacio & Asociados

International correspondents and clients trip over themselves to endorse this boutique – as one source comments: “I do not ordinarily offer reviews but I’m happy to do so for Palacio, as it is one of our most trusted foreign associates. The firm is efficient and cost effective, and consistently meets the highest standards in trademark prosecution, renewals and oppositions – the team is highly skilled, knowledgeable and professional.” Another remarks: “We have sent Palacio nearly 100 cases in recent years and never had a single problem – its lawyers are quick to respond and give comprehensive advice that is easy to take on board.” Managing partner Héctor Palacio, head of legal Mingo Palacio and heads of trademark Mercedes Durlach and Diego Palacio all garner plaudits: “Héctor is experienced in all facets of trademark law and is very fast to respond to queries. He doesn’t have any weaknesses.” “Mingo is the man for tough litigation cases – he is an awesome negotiator and a smart lawyer who is remarkably good at enforcing IP rights.” “Mercedes is highly experienced and superbly well organised.” “Diego is calm under pressure and thinks outside the box to solve complex problems. He is prompt, reliable and commercial, and gives clear and direct advice. When he needs to fight for something, he has no hesitancy in doing so.” The team is well integrated, making it a valuable resource for clients such as Samsung and Decathlon, on whose behalf the group handles all trademark prosecution and litigation needs in Argentina; for the latter, the service extends to Uruguay and Paraguay, too.

Richelet & Richelet

“Richelet & Richelet is very serious about intellectual property and extremely precise in its work.” The longstanding family boutique is valued for its ability to provide a holistic trademark and IP service – it leaves nothing to chance so far as safeguarding its clients is concerned.

Other recommended experts

Spanish firm Herrero & Asociados has been making a push in Latin America, helping with which is Guillermo Alcaraz in Buenos Aires. A former legal adviser there, he knows how the Argentine trademark office works and uses that to manage his clients’ rights efficiently. Héctor Ariel Manoff of Vitale, Manoff & Feilbogen has “deep experience in complex IP litigation”.

Individuals: enforcement and litigation

  • Gustavo Patricio Giay - Marval O’Farrell & Mairal
  • Juan Carlos Ojam - BERTON MORENO + OJAM
  • Fernando M Alonso - PAGBAM | IP
  • Pedro C Breuer-Moreno - G Breuer
  • Martín G Chajchir - Marval O’Farrell & Mairal
  • Laura de Achával - FRTB - Ferrer Reyes, Tellechea & Bouché
  • Paula Fernández Pfizenmaier - PAGBAM | IP
  • Raquel Irene Flanzbaum - BERTON MORENO + OJAM
  • Marcelo García Sellart - BERTON MORENO + OJAM
  • Enrique JF Gatti - BERTON MORENO + OJAM
  • Héctor Ariel Manoff - VMF - Vitale, Manoff & Feilbogen
  • Gabriela Inés Musante - Hausheer Belgrano & Fernández
  • Fernando Noetinger - Noetinger & Armando
  • Nicolas O'Farrell - Apellaniz & O’Farrell
  • Santiago R O’Conor - O’Conor & Power Abogados-Propiedad Industrial
  • Mingo Palacio - Palacio & Asociados
  • Graciela Claudia Pérez de Inzaurraga - Hausheer Belgrano & Fernández
  • Laura Beatriz Plavnick - FRTB - Ferrer Reyes, Tellechea & Bouché
  • Claudia Serritelli - Estudio Chaloupka

Individuals: prosecution and strategy

  • Alejandro M Breuer-Moreno - G Breuer
  • Sergio M Ellmann - Marval O’Farrell & Mairal
  • Bernard William Malone - Baker McKenzie SC
  • Juan Carlos Ojam - BERTON MORENO + OJAM
  • Graciela Claudia Pérez de Inzaurraga - Hausheer Belgrano & Fernández
  • Iris V Quadrio - Marval O’Farrell & Mairal
  • Guillermo Alcaraz - Herrero & Asociados
  • Pablo Armando - Noetinger & Armando
  • Juan Berton Moreno - BERTON MORENO + OJAM
  • Alberto R Berton Moreno Jr - BERTON MORENO + OJAM
  • Diego O Bouché Ocampo - FRTB - Ferrer Reyes, Tellechea & Bouché
  • Mercedes Bullrich - BERTON MORENO + OJAM
  • Victoria de Lasa Andrés - Moeller IP Advisors
  • Mercedes Durlach - Palacio & Asociados
  • Carolina Inés Fernández - Hausheer Belgrano & Fernández
  • Claudio Fernández Lacort - Fernández Lacort
  • Santiago Ferrer Reyes - FRTB - Ferrer Reyes, Tellechea & Bouché
  • Raquel Irene Flanzbaum - BERTON MORENO + OJAM
  • Paula Galván - Estudio Chaloupka
  • Melisa Litvin - Litvin Legales
  • Juan Lopez Mañan - Marval O’Farrell & Mairal
  • Mariano Municoy - Moeller IP Advisors
  • Matías F Noetinger - Noetinger & Armando
  • Nicolas O'Farrell - Apellaniz & O’Farrell
  • Santiago R O’Conor - O’Conor & Power Abogados-Propiedad Industrial
  • Diego F Palacio - Palacio & Asociados
  • Héctor Palacio - Palacio & Asociados
  • Julia Tellechea - FRTB - Ferrer Reyes, Tellechea & Bouché


  • Fernando Noetinger - Noetinger & Armando
  • Jorge Otamendi - G Breuer