In June 2018 a new trademark regulation entered into force in Albania. It provides clear definitions for word, figurative, position, pattern, shape and colour marks, which makes the drafting and examination processes simpler. The regulation also contains procedural rules paving the way for opposition and cancellation actions to be held before the Albanian General Directorate of Patents and Trademarks (GDPT). Practitioners have welcomed this move, but many are doubtful as to the GDPT’s readiness for it, given that its resources are already stretched.


  • Boga & Associates
  • Drakopoulos Law Firm
  • Euromarkpat Albania Ltd
  • Gjika & Associates
  • Loloçi & Associates
  • Tonucci & Partners
  • Wolf Theiss
  • Zivko Mijatovic & Partners 

Boga & Associates

Boga & Associates is a force to be reckoned with in Albanian intellectual property. Its “very strong, prominent” trademark team provides seamless, sophisticated counsel across the contentious/non-contentious divide. Significant experience organising Customs seizures, backed by long-established relationships with border officials, makes Renata Leka the ideal choice for clients wanting to take the fight to counterfeiters. She plans precisely and executes masterfully.

Drakopoulos Law Firm

Offering cradle-to-grave IP assistance in 11 countries in Southeast Europe from a single point of contact – not to mention being the exclusive partner for REACT in Albania – Drakopoulos is a popular choice among multinationals with sprawling portfolios, such as consumer goods company Reckitt Benckiser, whose trademarks Besnik Duraj files with finesse. His advice is always straight to the point and business-oriented.

Euromarkpat Albania Ltd

With headquarters in Germany complemented by seven cooperation offices – in Albania, Estonia, Kosovo, Mongolia, Russia, Ukraine and Uzbekistan – Euromarkpat has no shortage of local knowledge. The availability, attention to detail and extensive experience of its lawyers continue to bring in mandates from far and wide. Vjollca Shomo is the star of the show in Tirana. Having managed the IP department of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry – then the national registration authority – she knows exactly what examiners are looking for.

Gjika & Associates

Gjika & Associates instantly makes a positive impression on clients, researching the unique commercial concerns of their markets and answering emails in no time at all. Lately, the team has been engaged in a David and Goliath battle representing Interbusiness for Industry and Trade against Philip Morris International in an opposition concerning the registration of its MORO LIGHT mark. Handling this was the widely lauded Evis Jani: “She is thorough and clear in her advice, efficient, pragmatic and professional. You can rely on her to consider all the pros and cons of an action and then provide the best possible option in terms of cost.”

Loloçi & Associates

The “excellent” Loloçi & Associates has a reputation that rightly matches its staggering expertise and experience. Most prominent among its members is partner Krenar Loloçi, who knows all the tricks of courtroom combat: “He’s fantastic – the Albanian authorities look to him for help interpreting IP legislation.” His technical knowledge, equanimity and powers of recall carry the day even in the most precarious of cases.


PETOŠEVIĆ is a fabulous one-stop shop for brand owners wanting IP counsel across Central and Eastern Europe. Home to more than 120 people in 16 offices, PETOŠEVIĆ effectively manages huge portfolios and tackles cross-border cases. Vladimir Nika and Irma Cami form the core of the practice in Albania. Nika’s foresight, innovative thinking and personable nature make him a superb choice for challenging prosecution matters. Cami is a diligent, dedicated professional who steers clients safely through precarious negotiations time and again. She has the commercial acumen to know when to push and when to settle.

Tonucci & Partners

Although an Italian firm, Tonucci & Partners has a particular focus on Eastern Europe and the Balkans, with offices in Belgrade, Bucharest and Tirana. Attention to detail, swiftness and practical solutions characterise the service. With three foreign languages – English, French and Italian – Enkelejda Muçaj instantly inspires confidence in multinationals. She has assisted the Albanian government with the harmonisation of national and international IP laws.

Wolf Theiss

Wolf Theiss expertly protects trademark rights both offline and online; working hand in hand with its counterparts, its IP practitioners come up with innovative solutions to the novel problems that new technologies create. Managing partner Sokol Nako is the first port of call for many: “Clients appreciate his clear, fast, consistent and comprehensive legal advice. It helps them make well-informed decisions all the time. His deep knowledge of the legal framework, governmental structures and business environment of the country makes him an indispensable partner.” His running mate Blerta Nesho has just as many supporters: “She’s straight to the point, responsive, knowledgeable and extremely professional.” Her corporate credentials come to the fore in complex M&A transactions with valuable IP elements.

Zivko Mijatovic & Partners 

Zivko Mijatovic & Partners’ Albanian team works seamlessly with 14 other teams across Southeast Europe to furnish clients with premium portfolio management and courtroom representation. Thanks to the firm’s state-of-the-art cloud software, practitioners can effortlessly share experiences and recommendations with foreign colleagues, resulting in effective holistic support. Domain name issues are a forte of the cosmopolitan, outward-looking Dragana Lehocki. She is an agile negotiator who shrewdly weighs up options in the context of brand owners’ worldwide strategies.

Other recommended experts

Having served as head of the legal and foreign affairs department of the General Directorate of Patents and Trademarks, independent practitioner Sonila Elezi is a household name in Albania’s trademark community. Aleksandra Arseni Mecaj at IP-SAR Law Consulting misses nothing that could benefit a brand; her razor-sharp, far-sighted prosecution support hits the mark every time.


  • Irma Cami - PETOŠEVIĆ
  • Besnik Duraj - Drakopoulos Law Firm
  • Sonila Elezi - Sonila Elezi
  • Evis Jani - Gjika & Associates
  • Dragana Lehocki - Zivko Mijatovic & Partners 
  • Renata Leka - Boga & Associates
  • Krenar Loloçi - Loloçi & Associates
  • Aleksandra Arseni Mecaj - IP-SAR Law Consulting
  • Enkelejda Muçaj - Tonucci & Partners
  • Sokol Nako - Wolf Theiss
  • Blerta Nesho - Wolf Theiss
  • Vladimir Nika - PETOŠEVIĆ
  • Vjollca Shomo - Euromarkpat Albania Ltd