This year, World Trademark Review will be conducting in-depth research for the tenth edition of its major, unique publication, WTR 1000 – The World’s Leading Trademark Professionals. This guide will feature lists of the leading trademark practitioners and firms in over 70 jurisdictions around the world.

Research for the next edition will begin in March 2019 and conclude in July 2019, with the publication officially launched at the beginning of 2020.

Recommendations for firms - interviews

Any information that you can provide during the research process is likely to improve the chances of members of your firm being listed, as it will complement our own research findings. We would be grateful if you could suggest a couple of time options when a representative(s) from your firm would be available for a 30-minute phone conversation with one of our researchers. All interviews are conducted confidentially and any comments made will remain strictly non-attributable.


It is helpful if firms submit to us brief overviews of their practice, short biographies of the lawyers involved and summaries of recent work highlights, making sure to clearly mark as confidential any cases/details that are not in the public domain.

The WTR 1000 2020 submission form can be downloaded here.

Client referees

In order to enhance the feedback we gather on your lawyers and attorneys, on the basis of which we draw up our ranking tables, we strongly suggest that you submit to us referees who may be contacted to provide confidential references on their work (preferably purchasers of your firm’s services).

The research team

Research editor: Nicholas Richardson
Deputy research editor: Asma Abbarova
Researcher: Wa Foon Li
Researcher: Joyce Ng
Researcher: James Price
Researcher: Rahul Siva
Researcher: Rebeca Cruz