Gabriela Bodden

Partner at Eproint

Gabriela Bodden has over 20 years of expertise in the IP field. She is a recognised expert in international IP law.

She co-heads the firm Eproint, focusing primarily on trademark, copyright and patent matters, as well as advertising and legal disputes. Ms Bodden also counsels clients in the selection and registration of IP rights and their enforcement, adding a significant competitive advantage to clients’ portfolios.

Ms Bodden has extensive experience in handling complex international IP portfolios throughout Latin America and the Caribbean region covering matters such as clearance searches, trademark filings, prosecution and maintenance of trademarks (eg, renewals, mergers, assignment and recordals of proprietor names and addresses), legal advice relating to licence contracts, franchising contracts, cautionary notices, advising clients on piracy and anti-counterfeiting matters and devising strategies, initiating and completing opposition actions, lawsuits and office actions before the respective registries and courts in over 40 jurisdictions. Her experience means that she is capable of providing advice with respect to foreign law at an important level, assisting clients to devise suitable filing strategies.

In addition to this, Ms Bodden has also written and collaborated in writing chapters on IP practice and procedure for highly prized publications within the IP field, has been a panellist for various organisations and has trained customs officials on various opportunities.

She manages the IP portfolios of a broad range of clients, in a wide variety of industries such as automobiles, hotels, finance, entertainment, pharmaceuticals, beauty, music, furniture, clothing, liquor and food businesses.

While the majority of her work is purely client-facing, she invests considerable time assisting in the management of the group, clients’ portfolios and training the team that assists her.

Ms Bodden is also heavily involved in various IP organisations, in business development and will often visit new clients to assist them in formulating their company strategy regarding the protection of their IP rights.

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