Eva Yazitzoglou

Managing Partner at Dr Helen G Papaconstantinou and Partners Law Firm

Eva Yazitzoglou, co-founder of Dr Helen G Papaconstantinou and Partners Law Firm, has been the firm’s managing partner since 2018.

Ms Yazitzoglou holds a law degree from the University of Athens and is an attorney at law and a European patent attorney. With over 45 years of recognised professional experience in all aspects of IP law, she focuses on trademark, patent and copyright law, with particular emphasis on consultation, management and maintenance of international trademark and patent portfolios. Throughout her long career, Ms Yazitzoglou has been advising major international clients in all industry sectors, including the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, fashion and food industries. She has further worked closely with clients from almost all industry and commercial sectors, and has successfully handled various trademark and patent infringement cases involving individuals and companies in Greece, either by reaching out-of-court agreements and settlements or by proceeding to litigation.

Ms Yazitzoglou joined the Athens Bar Association in 1974 and is admitted to practise before the Greek Supreme Court and the Council of State.

She has been an epi Council Member for several years and is an active member of many other reputable professional bodies, such as INTA and the International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property.

In recognition of her professional abilities, she appeared as a ‘ranked practitioner’ in the IP STARS 2020-Intellectual Property rankings.

Ms Yazitzoglou makes significant contributions through various associations and prestigious IP resources.

Professional associations

  • AIPPi
  • epi
  • INTA

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Dr Helen G Papaconstantinou and Partners Law Firm
2 Coumbari Street
Athens 10674

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