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ZY Partners is a boutique law firm in China with 21 years of expertise in intellectual property and related areas such as licensing, antitrust, employment and arbitration. The key partners of the firm have excellent credentials and are well recognised for delivering top-quality service to clients. The firm has a team of over 50 experienced lawyers, patent attorneys and other legal professionals representing multinational clients in cross-border transactional and contentious matters.

ZY Partners has been nominated as a leading IP firm with leading IP individuals by Managing Intellectual Property, Chambers Asia Pacific, the IAM Patent 1000 and the WTR 1000 since 2009.

IP litigation and enforcement

ZY Partners has a prominent IP litigation practice – a result of its lawyers’ remarkable track record over the past two decades. The firm is committed to serving the best interests of its clients through consistently workable solutions and out-of-the-box ideas and strategies.

The firm has recognised experience in conducting IP trials and appellate work in the areas of patents, copyright, trademarks, unfair competition and trade secrets. All of ZY Partners’ partners are experienced IP litigators who, having been a part of China’s IP circle for nearly 21 years, still vigorously litigate in Chinese courts nationwide to protect clients’ interests – often in complex situations. Many of the firm’s partners, lawyers and paralegals have experience in the courts or the State Intellectual Property Office (now the China National Intellectual Property Administration). Their familiarity with court procedures and judicial perspective has greatly helped with case strategising and preparation, and ensured the efficiency of their advocacy at court hearings.

The firm’s litigation team has unparalleled experience and unique abilities in handling complex IP litigation and technology-related matters in China. Many of their cases have been published as guiding precedents by the Supreme People’s Court, the Beijing High Court and courts in other parts of China.

The firm has notable trademark litigation practice. Each year the trademark team handles more than 100 cases before courts in Beijing, Shanghai and across China. It has successfully obtained favourable recognition or clarification on critical issues in trademark practice from the Supreme People’s Court and courts in Beijing.

ZY Partners has rich experience in representing clients and protecting their trade secrets against former employees’ unfair competition acts; the firm also helps clients with anti-counterfeiting enforcement through customs border protection, criminal prosecution and administrative and civil actions.

IP prosecution

ZY Partners manages trademark portfolios for multinational clients in a wide range of industries, including apparel, fashion, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, industrial products, telecoms, electronics, machinery, education, automotive and food and beverage.

ZY Partners has a strong patent prosecution team with experienced lawyers and patent attorneys specialised in electronics, telecoms, semiconductors, information technology, mechanical engineering, solar/nuclear energy, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals and chemical engineering.

Antitrust and licensing

ZY Partners works with multinational companies and law firms in the United States and Europe on antitrust filings with the Ministry of Commerce. It has advised on antitrust issues in connection with patent pool, industrial standards and distribution arrangements in multinational business concentration transactions, and has defended the rights of multinational clients in antitrust private litigation in China.

ZY Partners advises on cross-border licensing in the areas of telecoms and electronics. It has special expertise to advise clients on how to resolve technical and commercial complexities in the Chinese business context.


ZY Partners’ team includes highly experienced lawyers in the area of employment and labour disputes. With regulatory administrative backgrounds in government authorities, ZY Partners’ attorneys provide valuable insight when formulating and delivering strategic plans to enforce clients’ IP interests in China.

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