Yellow Brand Protection

Yellow Brand Protection is a leading online anti-counterfeiting and brand protection specialist, working discreetly for brands all over the world. Covering global issues from Europe, the United States and China, we protect our clients from counterfeiting and all other forms of IP infringement online.

It has been possible to create a leading online brand protection programme through a combination of in-house developed technology and professional service. The Yellow Brand Protection international team is incredibly dedicated to eradicating all online counterfeit activity for its clients and is driven by our guiding principle “We Stop at Zero” and the company mission, “A Cleaner Internet, A Better Society”.

Our advanced brand protection platform, named ZERO, searches, analyses and enforces online cases of IP infringement to protect brands from counterfeiting, grey market sales and other­­ forms of IP infringement anywhere in the world. Our technology offers the broadest online search capability in the industry, searching more than 1,000 marketplaces, 35 social media platforms, 50 mobile apps, worldwide websites and domains to swiftly pinpoint online infringements at the source.

To date, more than 6 million successful actions have been taken by Yellow Brand Protection, with an average of a more than 94% enforcement success rate across all platforms and clients.

Using our industry-leading search platform, coupled with our multi-lingual online brand protection team, we guarantee success for clients to achieve maximum return on investment for their brand protection strategy.

Our services

Yellow Brand Protection offers:

  • IP protection, anti-counterfeiting, anti-piracy, parallel import and domain protection;
  • online investigations – monitoring, searching and online enforcement;
  • the searching of all key online channels – covering 99% of all online counterfeit sales worldwide;
  • the take down of unauthorised sales – with a more than 94% success rate of listings being removed;
  • total transparency of our findings – creating a detailed report every month; and
  • counterfeit evidence – providing automated one-click evidence reports.

Our technology

Yellow Brand Protection’s innovative software automatically crawls all crucial online sales channels and constantly searches for relevant matches all over the world; more than 1 million online listings are processed every hour.

An intelligent search algorithm clusters all available online and offline data to identify and prioritise the biggest threats to a brand. By pinpointing key offenders, successful online and offline enforcement actions can be achieved with the help of our automated evidence reports.  

Strong relationships with online platforms, one-click enforcements and automated evidence packages to support on-going cases can help achieve faster online and offline action results, making us a perfect partner to law firms and brand protection teams.

Our team

Experienced personnel are also essential in any online anti-counterfeiting programme to spot the tiniest of details and build key relationships with site owners and other key online providers. Yellow Brand Protection's team of highly trained analysts come from more than 15 different countries and can speak more than 20 languages – this ensures that language and culture are best utilised at a local level.

Our Shanghai team is the largest China-based online brand protection team in the industry, who in addition to their local knowledge are also critical in managing local enforcements and networking with the key online selling platforms in the region.


Yellow Brand Protection became part of the Corsearch family in 2018. Corsearch is the premier provider in trademark and domain solutions and has led innovation in trademark clearance and protection solutions for more than 70 years. Corsearch has many longstanding relationships with leading corporations, law firms and branding agencies around the world and has never lost sight of what matters most: their customers.

Together we offer the industry a full-suite and forward-looking offering of brand protection and enforcement services to support the creation, establishment, growth and protection of brands.

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