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Vossius & Partner is a partnership of patent attorneys and attorneys at law with offices in Munich, Dusseldorf, Berlin and Basel. Established in Munich in 1961, it is one of Europe’s leading IP firms with clients worldwide.

The firm focuses on high-end advice for innovative companies concerning all questions associated with the protection and enforcement of IP rights. Vossius & Partner’s areas of expertise comprise all IP fields, including patents, trademarks, copyrights, design rights and supplementary protection certificates, as well as licensing, competition, pharmaceutical, information technology and data protection, media and food law. Due to its global network of colleagues, particularly in the United States, Asia and Europe, Vossius & Partner also advises on international protection rights.

As a full-service IP law firm, Vossius & Partner offers clients the technological and scientific knowledge of highly specialised patent attorneys combined with the expertise of skilled attorneys at law. Drawing on decades of experience, the firm can provide a comprehensive range of services. This translates into the best possible client counselling and the greatest possible protection of IP assets in all phases of legal disputes and litigation.

Main areas of practice

  • Biology and biotechnology – Vossius & Partner has been a leader in this field worldwide ever since this area of science first emerged. Due to the different technical specialisations of its attorneys, the firm covers all aspects of the biotechnology, biochemistry, biophysics, bio-IT, e-health, pharmacology and neighbouring technical fields. In cases where a broader technical background is required, teams are formed comprising members of our chemistry or physics and engineering departments.
  • Chemistry and pharmacology – this field is one of the fundamental cornerstones of Vossius & Partner, based on the firm’s historical development. Clients range from large multinational corporations to small and medium-sized enterprises. Areas of specialty include polymer, organometallic and pharmaceutical chemistry, as well as metallurgy. Where appropriate, joint teams are created to cover clients’ often complex inventions.
  • Physics, electrical and mechanical engineering, information technology – the firm’s physics and engineering department has extensive expertise in handling patent opposition proceedings, in many cases regarding patent infringement litigation. The technical department has therefore had increased engagement with multinational patent litigation and related patent revocation cases over the past year, primarily in the electronics and medical technology fields.
  • Patent disputes and litigation – lawyers specialised in patent litigation team up with the firm’s patent attorneys to advise clients in patent disputes in the natural science and technology fields. Clients include national and multinational companies that are represented by experienced attorneys before the civil courts throughout Germany, as well as before the European Patent Office and the German Patent and Trademark Office (GPTO).
  • Trademarks, designs, copyright and unfair competition – the firm’s trademark and design department provides strategic advice in all legal aspects relating to trademarks, designs, copyright and unfair competition. The firm has long-standing experience in representing clients in all kinds of enforcement on a national and multinational scale. The firm’s lawyers frequently represent clients in proceedings before the GPTO, the EUIPO, the Federal Patent Court, the European Court of Justice and the German civil courts dealing with infringement matters.
  • Information technology and data protection – Vossius & Partner provides comprehensive advice in the dynamic field of IT law and data protection to international market leaders – small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as start-up companies – offering creative, tailored solutions. Clients find themselves facing new requirements of a legal, operational and technical-organisational nature in both areas. The firm’s integrated approach of legal excellence and deep technical expertise enables it to lead clients through the challenges of digital change.
  • Asia desk – Vossius & Partner provides specialised teams of patent attorneys and attorneys at law (some of whom are nationals of Asian countries) for Asian (especially Chinese, Japanese and Korean) clients, as well as clients doing business in Asia to address specific legal issues, as well as language requirements.

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