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Van Innis & Delarue is the most established independent Belgian IP litigation firm, and recommended by all leading directories.

Exclusively focused on IP work, the firm deals with complex and demanding landmark cases – especially in the fields of luxury, fashion and designer goods, media and entertainment, and high tech.

Van Innis & Delarue works for creators and innovators (IP owners) rather than for copycats. The firm’s clients are typically pioneers in creative and innovative industries. They work at the top of their field to make designer and luxury goods, clothing, furniture, audiovisual productions, art, photographic and literary works, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, computer apps, hardware and e-commerce platforms. Protecting the intellectual property of creative clients from different backgrounds, the firm has experience with luxury, fashion and designer goods that is unsurpassed, not only in Belgium but beyond.

Clients call on the firm for its tenacious and rigorous handling of their most challenging IP disputes. The firm is involved in the most-touted IP disputes handled by Belgian courts and the firm’s lawyers have pleaded many landmark IP cases before the European Court of Justice. Van Innis & Delarue is praised for its efficient, no-nonsense ability to remove knock-off items from the market and to obtain adequate compensation for damages suffered by clients. The firm invests a lot of partner time in the disputes that it handles, which is highly appreciated by clients. Although most renowned for its swift handling of contentious matters, the firm also assists clients with non-contentious IP matters. These include drafting and negotiating IP-heavy agreements (licence agreements, distribution agreements and advertising agreements); and IP due diligence assignments brought to the firm by private equity firms, corporate boutique law firms or corporate practices of law firms that lack IP capacity in Belgium.

The team is big enough to tackle any case and guarantees excellence at every level. In high-stake multi-jurisdictional IP matters or upon other referrals, Van Innis & Delarue works with some of the finest best friend firms – both in the European Union and the United States. Many of these are also specialised IP or litigation boutiques, others are IP or litigation practices of elite global law firms.

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