TrademarkNow is a legal tech company that provides an intelligent web-based trademark management platform. It is used by enterprise companies, law firms and branding agencies for instant trademark searches, monitoring, research and portfolio management. Its products are used by many of the biggest brand owners worldwide.

TrademarkNow is focused on transforming the working lives of professionals in the industry by creating the possibility of instant access to information about trademarks and their owners all over the globe. It envisions a world in which search and watch reports contain not only comprehensive results, but are also ranked in order of threat level to permit speed in an industry in which faster responses are becoming increasingly critical. TrademarkNow is committed to providing the kind of access to the key data that its clients, colleagues and professionals would have dreamed of – if they had thought it was possible.


The development of artificial intelligence in the clearance and management of trademarks began over 20 years ago with the research at the intersection of IP law and cognition of one of TrademarkNow’s founders and chief scientist, Anna Ronkainen. As a trademark attorney, she also had over 15 years’ experience in linguistic software development. In 2011, she met with another soon-to-be founder and CEO, trademark attorney, Mikael Kolehmainen. They were quickly joined by Matti Kokkola chief technology officer and Heikki Vesalainen, chief architect.

Officially launched in 2012, the company has grown exponentially. Two successful rounds of investment funding served as a launchpad to expand the offerings from intelligent technology supported trademark clearance to a comprehensive suite of integrated trademark lifecycle management tools. It also supported the significant growth in trademark data and core product offerings covering 170 registries globally. Common law data sources include global company data, pharma-in-use data, all major app store aggregators, social media results and domain availability. Such developments paved the way for the design and addition of critical assessment tools to their clearance offering, such as litigiousness assessment, semantic similarity reporting, brand strength and word meaning tools. In 2018 TrademarkNow became the first major vendor to introduce a free clearance tool to the marketplace.


TrademarkNow is a global company, with offices in New Jersey, the United States, Kilkenny, Ireland and a head office seated in Helsinki, Finland. TrademarkNow’s technical team is a mix of cross-disciplinary professionals working on machine learning and linguistic models relevant to trademark law, big data ingestion and quality control, as well as an intuitive and modern user interface (UI) that hides all of the complexity and focuses on ease of use.


TrademarkNow provides tools dedicated to improving the working lives of trademark professionals around the globe. Created by experts in trademark law and linguistics, the cutting-edge system also utilises state-of-the-art machine learning techniques to produce models that seamlessly take real-world complexities into account. While the underlying intelligence is complex, the platform’s intuitive design and simple UI make it easy to use.

The company set out to provide the world’s most comprehensive and efficient suite of end-to-end trademark management tools on one fully integrated platform and it has made significant inroads towards this ambitious goal since 2011. The free preliminary screening tool, launched in September 2018, joins an impressive collection of intelligent legal technology tools providing clearance, monitoring, portfolio management, business intelligence and responsive research tools essential to any trademark practitioner.

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