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The Dennemeyer Group has more than 55 years of experience delivering quality IP services such as patent annuities, trademark renewals and recordals, as well as strategic IP consulting and cutting-edge software solutions for effective IP management.

Working in unison with the law firm Dennemeyer & Associates, Dennemeyer also provides IP law firm services, including anti-counterfeiting, trademark filing, monitoring and prosecution. The group maintains over 20 offices on all continents (eg, Australia, Brazil, China, Croatia, France, Germany, Japan, Luxembourg, Poland, Romania, Russia, Singapore, Switzerland, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom and the United States, among others). The reasons for Dennemeyer’s success have remained the same throughout the years: its highly integrated, flexible IP services, superior service quality, a high degree of innovation and reasonable costs.

When it comes to trademark services, Dennemeyer covers everything, from legal, administrative and consulting services right down to software, across all lifecycle stages and in all major jurisdictions.

Dennemeyer & Associates is a leading IP law firm with an international presence and offices in 13 European and non-European countries, (ie, Luxembourg, Germany, Poland, Romania, Croatia, Russia, the United States, the United Arab Emirates, Japan, Australia, Brazil, France and South Africa). As a pioneer in internationalising strategic intellectual asset management, Dennemeyer & Associates specialises in the preparation and worldwide registration of patents, trademarks and designs. The law firm assists clients in every step of the prosecution phase of IP management, while also building up a global network of highly experienced patent and trademark professionals. Dennemeyer & Associates’ international team of patent and trademark attorneys is admitted to practice before the trademark offices of several European and non-European jurisdictions, including France, Belgium, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Austria, Italy and New Zealand, as well as before the European Patent Office.

Advantages of working with Dennemeyer & Associates include the firm’s:

  • process and cost efficiency;
  • uniform quality among different jurisdictions;
  • short and fast communication paths between offices;
  • seamless integration with services of Dennemeyer IP Solutions;
  • excellent ethical standards;
  • confidentiality; and
  • integrity.

The firm’s intellectual capital and passion are key drivers in achieving partnerships with employees, clients and other business partners.

Dennemeyer & Associates represents its clients in many countries and regions directly through local branch offices and, in the remaining jurisdictions, through a network of highly experienced patent and trademark professionals.

Dennemeyer Consulting is an international consulting firm specialising in all aspects of IP management. The teams are composed of IP specialists and management consultants with combined IP and industry expertise. In the context of consulting projects, Dennemeyer Consulting helps companies and law firms to secure and sustainably manage innovations and their IP matters. The company also provides the long-term experience of Dennemeyer Group through seminars, workshops and webinars on IP rights. The global Dennemeyer Group’s outstanding expertise in intellectual property, combined with the management and industry experience of its consultants, can help clients to reach IP excellence.

In short, Dennemeyer Consulting provides the following:

  • Holistic IP strategy – Dennemeyer Consulting provides innovative strategies that help customers to develop, exploit and protect their IP assets most efficiently.
  • Proactive IP organisation – the consulting firm helps clients to develop an active rather than reactive IP management strategy and equips them with all necessary answers.
  • Efficient IP processes – Dennemeyer Consulting helps clients to free their resources by optimising processes and workflows.
  • Excellent IP management – the consulting firm makes sure that the clients’ IP management is adding value to their corporate results.

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