Sojuzpatent is the oldest IP law firm in Russia and the former Soviet Union. It is a leader in providing services covering all areas of IP protection, including inventions, utility models, industrial designs, trademarks (service marks), appellations of origin of goods, selection achievements, domain names, software, databases and integrated-circuit layouts.

Sojuzpatent’s team of over 160 qualified specialists includes 50 registered Russian and Eurasian patent and trademark attorneys and litigation lawyers offering incisive and highly practical expertise in all areas of industry and disciplines of science and technology. Sojuzpatent’s specialists have long experience in the trademark, patent and litigation sphere as former employees of the Russian Patent and Trademark Office (including the Chamber for Patent Disputes) and other official and judicial bodies, science institutes and the patent departments of large industrial enterprises.

The firm is the successor of the Patent Bureau, a structure of the Soviet Chamber of Commerce and Industry. For many years, Sojuzpatent was the only patent and trademark law firm in the Soviet Union authorised to deal with IP protection and assist Soviet inventors in obtaining protection for their inventions, industrial designs and trademarks on exported goods. It also rendered IP services to foreign entities.

The name Sojuzpatent comes from the word ‘sojuz’ or ‘soyuz’ meaning ‘union’. The best-known collocation of sojuz is Sovetsky Sojuz (Soviet Union) – the word was only included in the names of organisations of nationwide importance. Further, the name Sojuz is traditionally associated with cooperation and friendship.

During the Soviet era, Sojuzpatent was the only organisation of patent attorneys in the country and the only entity authorised to deal with foreign entities on IP protection matters. After the dissolution of the Soviet Union, Sojuzpatent became a limited liability partnership owned by its attorneys.

Sojuzpatent is proud of its history. Our team members draw on past successes to deal with current cases and confidently prepare for the future.

Sojuzpatent has forged long-lasting relationships with many famous companies. Throughout its almost 100-year history, Sojuzpatent’s main goal has always been the provision of IP rights protection in Russia and other states – for both domestic and foreign applicants. Its decades of cooperation with the Russian Trademark and Patent Office, the All-Union Centre of Patent Services, international trade organisations and industrial enterprises have given Sojuzpatent a unique depth of experience in trademark and patent prosecution services and in litigation before courts and administrative bodies. The firm has also established its reputation within the international IP community, developing trusted connections with leading law firms around the world.

Sojuzpatent provides client services, in and outside the Russian Federation, on patenting inventions, utility models, industrial designs, selection achievements, trademark registration, appeals (origin of goods), selection achievements, domain names, software, databases and integrated circuits.

During its long history, Sojuzpatent has accumulated unique expertise working with former Soviet republics and now independent states. Today, Sojuzpatent operates as a one-stop shop for every entity that wishes to ensure protection of its intellectual property in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Estonia, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine and Uzbekistan.

Sojuzpatent attorneys file between 2,000 and 3,000 patent applications and between 1,000 and 2,000 trademark and design applications each year. It pays annuities for more than 50,000 patents and renews about 1,500 trademarks each year.

Sojuzpatent uses customised software, has strictly defined the workflow rules of documents in circulation and fine-tuned the necessary internal procedures – all of which helps to process large volumes of data.

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