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Seed Intellectual Property Law Group LLP was founded in 1962 by Richard W Seed and Benjamin F Berry. Today, Seed IP has established itself as a leading boutique IP firm based in the Pacific Northwest with over 50 IP attorneys and patent agents, and a staff of over 80 dedicated IP professionals. Seed IP’s clients range in size from individuals and start-up companies to established multinational corporations, with IP needs ranging from trademark clearance to protecting complex chemical and biotechnology patents.

Seed IP provides comprehensive legal services in all areas of intellectual property, including patents, trademarks, copyright, unfair competition, trade secrets, due diligence, licensing and litigation.

Our approach

At Seed IP, we believe that an integrated strategy for protecting intellectual assets is critical to establishing strong and valuable IP portfolios. We employ a team approach, in which attorneys with complementary experience and skills work together to provide the most comprehensive and cost-effective legal services possible. We leverage our legal and technical expertise to develop programmes designed to address each client’s particular business needs and objectives. In developing a customised programme, we work with clients to identify core concepts, we evaluate the novelty or value of the intellectual property at issue and we work with inventors, brand managers and in-house practitioners to clearly understand the client’s needs, enabling us to provide the best possible IP services to our clients.

Why Seed IP?

One of Seed IP’s top priorities is working with clients in relationships that we mutually value and enjoy. The pressures and demands of the IP practice are high. Our experience is that attorneys perform at their highest levels and enjoy their work most when the client relationship is strong. Our attorneys understand that our clients are paying for expert legal advice, recommendations and guidance, and we strive to exceed expectations. We value our attorney-client relationship and understand the need for providing the highest-quality legal analyses and specialised IP services. We place a high priority on providing our clients with comprehensive options, the pros and cons of those options and expert recommendations to navigate the complex IP waters. Our goal is simple: to assist our clients in developing and maintaining a strategic, robust IP portfolio.

Trademark experience

Seed IP’s trademark experience is significant. Our attorneys understand that protecting the client’s good name is paramount. We recognise that the opportunity to establish or grow a client’s brand identity in the marketplace is vitally important to a company’s success. That is where Seed IP’s trademark expertise can help. Our trademark attorneys have experience in managing trademark and domain name portfolios of global reach and renown, and we put this experience to work for our clients. At Seed IP, we provide top-notch trademark legal services spanning clearance and counselling, prosecution and maintenance, proactive enforcement or defensive conflicts, licensing, comprehensive domain name counselling and dispute work, internet policy engagement and full-service litigation.

Secure communication and workflow

Timely, precise and secure communication is critically important in today’s modern business environment and is absolutely essential in providing patent, trademark and copyright protection for our clients. Our technology infrastructure provides our attorneys with the tools needed to provide the highest level of legal service 24 hours a day.

Our secure extranet gives our clients access to key documents allowing them to collaboratively manage their IP portfolios. Our clients are on the leading edge of science and technology. We have designed our client service systems to respond to and support their needs.


Seed IP may be best recognised for the value-driven patent and trademark services that it provides for clients. We have a commercially minded team of specialists who support our clients’ businesses in industries spanning software, retail, food and beverages, biotech, fashion and pharmaceuticals.

At Seed IP, we value the relationships that we have built with every one of our clients over the past 58 years. We are proud of the work that we have done and are grateful for the opportunities and successes that we have shared along the way.

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