Santarelli is the product of the merger of the practices of Rinuy, Santarelli and Cabinet Bonnet-Thirion in 2003, and has become a leader in IP law. Santarelli’s primary mission is to establish and protect the IP rights of its clients. Professionalism and responsibility towards clients, and close interaction with them, are the goals of its IP practitioners.

Multi-disciplinary approach

Santarelli’s reputation is grounded in its expertise in defending clients’ IP rights and its multi-disciplinary approach to:

  • the defence of trademark rights – including clearance searches and opinions, drafting and prosecution of applications, filing and defence of oppositions, trademark and related copyright and unfair competition litigation, licensing and assignments;
  • the defence of patent rights – including drafting and prosecution of patent applications, filing and defence of oppositions, patent and related unfair competition litigation, validity/infringement opinion work, licensing and assignments; and
  • other areas such as industrial designs, copyright, domain names and related computer and internet law.

Diverse clientele

Santarelli provides services to all sectors, from the most traditional fields to cutting-edge technologies. Santarelli has a diverse clientele, ranging from small and medium-sized enterprises to multinationals, start-ups, venture capital initiatives and research and other public entities.

Personalised service

Santarelli’s attorneys place particular importance on their availability to clients and take a proactive approach to IP legal services in the development of their clients’ projects. Their skill sets are grounded in extensive personal and collective experience. Their professionalism and interaction with and strong sense of responsibility towards clients are especially appreciated.

The broad individual and collective experience of Santarelli’s staff underpins their capacity to develop the intellectual property of clients not only in France, but also internationally, using a network of foreign associates throughout the world.

Trademark defence and protection against infringement

Santarelli has a strong reputation for the effective defence of clients’ trademarks through oppositions and litigation in addition to registrations.

To defend the rights of clients throughout the world, Santarelli has a network of world-class trademark attorneys and trial counsel. Trademark watching services are available at national, regional and international level. As regards infringement and counterfeiting, Santarelli’s trademark attorneys have considerable experience in customs surveillance and subsequent judicial procedures.

Full range of trademark and design law services

The services provided by Santarelli’s practitioners include:

  • trademark clearance searching and analysis in France, Europe and worldwide;
  • preparation and prosecution of French trademark applications (and renewals) at the French Patent and Trademark Office (INPI), EU trademarks at the EU Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), international trademark registrations through the World Intellectual Property Organisation and the African Industrial Property Organisation, as well as national trademark applications through the firm’s network of world-class associates;
  • preparation of trademark protection strategies and domestic, European and worldwide watch services, including monitoring and reporting;
  • litigation;
  • filing and defence of oppositions before the INPI and EUIPO, and before national trademark offices through its worldwide network of associates;
  • advice on decision making and corporate strategies, aided by the firm’s knowledge and experience of national and regional opposition procedures around the world;
  • preparation of all types of IP agreement, including coexistence agreements, licence agreements and assignment deeds; and
  • trademark portfolio audits for corporate asset valuations or for mergers and acquisitions purposes.

Customised services

Santarelli provides customised renewal and reminder services that are adapted to the needs of each client.

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