One of Switzerland’s largest IP teams, Rentsch Partner consists of a specialised team of attorneys at law and patent attorneys supported by administrative staff.

Ever since the firm’s creation, one of our goals has been to override the traditional separation, widely used in Switzerland, between the fields of registration and administration of industrial property rights on the one hand, and the judicial enforcement of such industrial property rights on the other hand. At Rentsch Partner, patent attorneys and technology experts work together in a team with attorneys at law and trademark attorneys.

The unique, close, factual and local collaboration of lawyers and engineers, whose expertise covers areas such as mechanical engineering, computer science, chemistry, biotechnology, materials science and electrical engineering, is unique in Switzerland and allows for the provision of comprehensive, interdisciplinary advice on complex legal and technical issues to our clients. In addition to representing clients in court, registering industrial property rights (especially trademarks, patents, designs) and giving general legal advice (distribution, publishing and software agreements, franchising, licensing etc), we also counsel on application strategies, furnish legal opinions and prepare legal and technical analyses for our clients.

In more than 130 jurisdictions worldwide, we closely collaborate with other law firms also specialised in the legal protection of intellectual property, industrial property and copyright. We are therefore fully capable of representing the interests of our clients abroad. This puts us in an ideal position to consider all aspects of our clients’ complex needs worldwide.

As a leading Swiss attorney at law and patent attorney firm, we advise and represent clients in all aspects of IP law – transactions, proceedings and complex cases both in a domestic and a global context. We offer our clients comprehensive legal and technical advice, support them in the creation and implementation of their IP strategy, including implementing the patent box, and represent them before administrative authorities and in court. It is important to us to identify legally and technically sustainable solutions to complex legal issues and to keep in mind our clients’ commercial goals.

One of our focuses is to advise Swiss companies and small and medium-sized enterprises that want to protect and enforce their IP rights and innovations worldwide at reasonable cost. Accordingly, we guarantee professional and industry knowlege, as well as a good price-performance ratio.

Renowned as a firm that can handle every IP-related matter, Rentsch Partner has extensive experience in both the protection and enforcement of designs, trademarks, company names, and unregistered marks. Our attorneys advise on IP strategy and contract drafting, and represent clients in disputes and infringement proceedings before the courts and administrative authorities.

The enforcement of trademark, design, and patent rights often takes place within the framework of legal disputes. If your company has signed a contract with an arbitration clause and is threatened with arbitration in this contractual matter, we have experience in arbitration proceedings in connection with licences and IP rights.

The IP strategy of your company is derived directly from the business strategy and is central to protecting your company’s innovations. It is important to ensure that, at the various levels of management (board of directors, senior management, legal service, patent department), everyone can assume responsibility for protecting and enforcing innovations.

We support you in developing, adapting and implementing your IP strategy with industry knowledge, technical expertise and experience in all IP matters.

Expertise, entrepreneurial thinking and binding values are important to us, within our firm as well as towards our clients.

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