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Patrix IP Helpware specialises in software solutions with Patricia®, an all-inclusive, platform agnostic, IP case management system which has helped trademark and patent professionals for over 20 years. Our customers range from large law firms and corporations to individual practices and small boutique firms. With over 700 customers worldwide, you can be certain that we have a solution for you – no matter the size of your practice.

Customer focus

Our primary focus is to save our customers’ time and effort in the daily tasks of managing their IP affairs, thereby:

  • increasing their revenues by capturing the billable time;
  • invoicing correctly; and
  • improving their client relationships.

By helping our customers to retain their clients and improve their operations, we can further understand those evolving requirements and improve our software. Over the years, Patricia® has evolved through customer input and we continue to invest in our R&D to ensure that our customers get the best in class to manage their most valuable assets. One of our latest developments is the Patricia® app, which has revolutionised how attorneys view, search, record time and perform tasks on the go.

Full transparency

While Patricia® provides all of the features that you can expect from an industry standard, it is our company’s philosophy that sets us apart. We understand that implementing a new system is a big investment in time, money, internal resources and knowledge. Our philosophy is to safeguard that investment for years to come by providing continuity to our clients in our product development, choice of technology and upgrade path. Choosing Patrix as a partner means that you receive full transparency on costs and the latest technology at your fingertips.

Customised expertise

By choosing Patrix, customers will benefit from the IP knowledge and IT expertise of our team of professional services. Most of Patrix’s project leaders have been with the company for several years and their IP knowledge complements their technical expertise. The combination of this expertise is a great formula for successful implementation projects. Our goal is to make our customers successful and to train them to use Patricia® to its full potential.

Full renewal and annuity service

Patrix also offers digital and customised solutions for all global annuity and renewal payments through a paperless office. We make direct payments to those patent authorities that allow it, which saves our customers unnecessary third-party agent fees and is a safe and easy way to ensure that fees are paid. Where local agents are required, we utilise our global network of Patricia® clients wherever possible. We constantly evaluate agents and agent fees.

Digital data transfer is swift, easy and efficient helping to avoid the possibility of human errors. For our clients also using the Patricia® software, we conduct two-way XML digital transfers as well as TXT or ZIP format transfers.

The next generation

We are working on our next generation of technology to provide a new experience for our customers in terms of usability. Correlating with our mission to always improve our user experience and to make as little intrusion in the daily operations as possible, any new products or changes to technology will work in parallel with the existing ones, making the implementation organic for our customers.

Global standardisation protocol for IP data exchange

As data exchange is one of the main aspects in the world of administration of IP rights, Patrix actively participates in establishing global standardisation protocols for IP data exchange across different countries and jurisdictions, including:

  • online filing and subsequent receipts;
  • data comparison;
  • automated docketing;
  • the exchange of instructions and confirmations between IP agents and annuity or renewal payment services; and
  • the intake of new portfolios.

We have also participated in the French initiative by creating the AFNOR IP information exchange standard. As other exchange protocols are being developed, Patrix is at the forefront to ensure that data exchange, whether customised or in accordance to the developed standards, is handled in the most efficient way.

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