PATPOL – European and Polish Patent and Trademark Attorneys

PATPOL is a leading firm in the IP protection sector in Poland. The company was founded in 1966 and is one of the few IP firms in Poland with such a long history and tradition. Over the last 50 years, it has established its international reputation for IP expertise and professionalism.

PATPOL’s clients include both large multinationals and medium and small businesses operating across many industries – such as chemistry, electronics, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, information technology, microbiology, media and mechanics and automotive – including some of the world’s most respected brands.

PATPOL has over 80 employees, many of whom are members of leading international organisations, including INTA, the International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property, the European Communities Trademark Association, MARQUES, the International Federation of Intellectual Property Attorneys, the Licensing Executives Society, the Institute of Trademark Attorneys and the Inter-American Association of Intellectual Property.

PATPOL has a well-balanced, highly qualified and experienced team comprising patent attorneys, trademark attorneys, lawyers and specialists who advise on IP issues. It provides customers with IP services covering all aspects of IP and industrial property protection that are based on the highest standards of quality and ethics.

PATPOL works across borders and cooperates with IP firms from all over the world that are either recommended directly by clients or chosen by PATPOL for their experience and reliability.

The firm represents clients before the Polish Patent Office (PPO), the European Patent Office (EPO), the EUIPO and WIPO.

PATPOL’s services include the following:


  • Filing and prosecution – preparation of patent applications to the PPO and the EPO and under the Patent Cooperation Treaty.
  • Searches – patent literature searches to verify the patentability of innovative technical solutions that are developed by clients and freedom-to-operate searches and reporting on the existence or non-existence of exclusive rights of third parties in Poland.
  • Representation – representation of clients before the PPO and the EPO in opposition and appeal proceedings, validation of European patents in Poland and payment of annuities and fees to the PPO, the EPO and foreign patent offices.

Trademarks, industrial designs and domain names:

  • Applications and registration – preparation and filing of trademark and industrial design applications with the PPO, the EUIPO, the WIPO International Bureau and national patent offices, and registrability searches.
  • Representation – filing of oppositions and requests for declaring the lapse or cancellation of trademarks and industrial designs, defence of trademarks and industrial designs, infringement proceedings, preparation and sending of cease and desist letters and responses, cooperation with law enforcement authorities including the police, the Prosecutor’s Office and customs authorities, internet domain name advisory services, recordal of changes in the registers and monitoring of deadlines and payment of fees.


  • IP rights enforcement – industrial property rights infringement, suppression of acts of unfair competition, copyright infringement and domain name disputes.
  • Representation and advice – legal proceedings (in civil, administrative, penal and arbitration courts), litigation before the PPO and administrative and common courts, penal procedures carried out by Customs, the police and other law enforcement authorities supervised by the Public Prosecutor’s Office, negotiations relating to IP rights infringements, negotiations relating to licensing and the transfer of IP rights, mediation and arbitration at arbitration courts, preparation of agreements relating to IP rights, including licence agreements, settlement agreements, contracts for the assignment of IP rights and agreements concerning the payment of royalties to inventors, implementation of programmes for the seizure of counterfeit and pirated goods in close cooperation with Customs and legal opinions.

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