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Onsagers AS has been a partner for Norwegian and foreign companies seeking IP protection and advice in Norway since 1945. Today, the firm is a leading IP law firm and IP strategy adviser in Norway, acting globally in all fields of commerce and technology and across the full range of IP law. Establishing IP rights provides an edge in competition – whether it is patent, design or trademark protection. Onsagers assists clients in building sustainable and competitive advantages and finding the best course of action according to best practice.

The firm has a large staff of more than 35 attorneys specialised in intellectual property with up-to-date insight into Norwegian IP law. Today, this represents one of the largest environments of IP expertise in private practice in Norway and the firm’s IP attorneys annually handle and prosecute a considerable percentage of the patent, design and trademark applications in Norway.

Onsagers provides professional, clear-cut advice with a practical, no-nonsense approach. The firm has an innovative outlook and its dynamic and proactive team of professionals provides up-to-date services. The firm values attorneys with in-house experience, a strong commercial focus and expert legal, scientific and technical backgrounds who give straightforward advice. This approach ensures that the attorneys have an up-to-date view of the legal and technical aspects of the different fields of industry, law and technology and take a pragmatic and problem-solving approach, with an invaluable grasp of strategic commercial issues.

The firm has dedicated a strong international team designed to handle international clients seeking IP protection in Norway. The international team has vast experience in clearing, filing and prosecuting trademark, design and patent applications and focuses on the specific needs and requirements of international clients. To ensure smooth and highly competent prosecution of IP applications in Norway, the international team consists of experienced attorneys from the Norwegian Industrial Property Office (NIPO), all of whom are updated on the latest practice and regulations in Norwegian IP law. Over recent years, the firm has recruited more than seven attorneys from NIPO – including the head of the legal department.

Further, the firm has considerable experience in enforcing IP rights, including customs seizures, passing-off and unfair competition cases, as well as patent and trademark infringement and validity cases. The firm recently prosecuted and litigated several interim injunction and passing-off cases that attracted international attention.

As a relatively young member of the European Patent Convention, Norway is in the process of shifting towards a common European legal regime – particularly in the field of patent litigation. In this process, it is essential to understand the updated limitations and possibilities for patent infringement and validity in Norway. Onsagers frequently represents Norwegian and international clients in such matters and can thus offer up-to-date advice.

Known for its exceptional client service, Onsagers’ hands-on attorneys and staff ensure that a dedicated professional team is always ready to meet clients’ needs. The teams are flexible, personable and focused on helping their clients succeed.

Onsagers stands out in its efforts to keep the cost/benefit ratio in clients’ favour. Through modern technology, updated services and a cost-conscious approach, combined with open dialogue and clear-cut advice, Onsagers offers premium-quality IP advice.

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Onsagers AS
Munkedamsveien 35
PO Box 1813 Vika
Oslo 0123

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