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Office Freylinger has grown with its clients and their ideas since 1966 by sparing no effort to protect their intellectual property. Today, the firm’s sizeable staff – led by experienced IP professionals – enables Office Freylinger to offer a comprehensive range of IP services covering patents, trademarks, designs, domain name matters and copyright, including software protection.

The team

Office Freylinger’s multinational team of experienced European patent and trademark attorneys and paralegals accompanies its clients throughout the process of obtaining the best possible protection and results for their intellectual property. The team’s professionalism, expertise and reliability translate into high-quality tailor-made services.

The team is not only efficient and responsive, its members’ multicultural backgrounds – including their fluency in English, French and German – mean that they are attuned to national peculiarities.

Office Freylinger can assist clients in developing adequate IP strategies and support them in acquiring and expanding strong market positions. Office Freylinger can therefore guide its clients through every stage of the creation and innovation process, from the initial idea up to commercialisation of the product or service.


The firm’s core values are security, pleasure and creativity.

We provide tailor-made services to vigorously protect our client’s rights and interests. We strongly rely on our highly qualified and motivated IP attorneys and paralegals to provide high-quality work.

Our area of expertise is not limited to industrial property: it extends to all IP matters. We advise clients on:

  • patents, by drafting, filing and prosecuting applications directly before the European Patent Office and some national European offices, as well as around the world via Patent Cooperation Treaty applications and through our extensive network of foreign associates;
  • trademarks and designs, by preparing, filing and managing registration proceedings before the European Union Intellectual Property Office and national European offices, as well as around the world through international trademark registrations and our extensive network of foreign associates;
  • copyright; and
  • domain names, by registering names around the world.

We also deal with:

  • assessment of potentially protectable intellectual property;
  • patent and trademark searches, to determine patentability/registrability and freedom to use;
  • IP consulting, on the exploitation and enforcement of IP rights;
  • agreements relating to patents, trademarks, designs, copyright and domain names;
  • IP litigation, including oppositions, cancellation actions and other legal proceedings;
  • enforcement services, including seizure of counterfeiting products and legal actions;
  • IP audits, including IP rights valuation and portfolio management advice;
  • IP training courses, for management as well as for administrative staff;
  • formalities management – namely, validations, translations, recordals of transfer and changes of name or address; and
  • IP rights renewals.


Our extensive experience in opposition/appeal proceedings and infringement cases means that we know first-hand the importance of carefully drafting and amending IP right applications during their prosecution.

Our philosophy is that IP rights are commercial tools that must be able to provide a return on investment. This return on investment can be achieved by capitalising on a monopoly, by granting licences to competitors and/or by enforcing patent rights against infringers. All these actions are possible only if the rights are carefully drafted.

Quality control

The quality of our services is one of our most important assets. Quality generates trust from our clients and trust is the most essential requirement in our profession.


The confidentiality of our work and of all information given to us by our clients is a crucial element that is protected under Luxembourgish law and as a strict confidentiality clause in each of our team member’s employment contract.

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