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Designs and trademarks are valuable assets for a business. They reinforce its distinctive capacity, create more commercial strength, enhance its competitive position and make it more attractive for investors. Intellectual property therefore plays a prominent role in business strategy, which can be supported by the knowledge and experience of the trademark and design attorneys at NLO Shieldmark.


NLO Shieldmark is committed to protecting and reinforcing clients’ ideas, designs and trademarks, while bearing in mind the markets in which they are actively involved. We work with clients following the organisation’s key values:

  • Fortified with innovation – we are always in search of new solutions and possibilities. We invest much time and effort in developing new ways to make our services even better.
  • Fortified with expertise – our over 200 dedicated professionals have extensive knowledge and experience in many fields. This is how we can offer different services of the highest quality. We also have a worldwide network of agents at our disposal.
  • Fortified with passion – every attorney at the firm is passionate about his or her field of expertise.
  • Fortified with teamwork – we make sure to combine individual expertise with teamwork. We think ahead and design solutions beyond the original task.
  • Fortified with creativity – protecting innovations, trademarks and ideas is key to our services. Creativity is pivotal, as it helps us to handle processes more efficiently and come up with innovative solutions that make a difference.
  • Fortified with experience – the firm is over 130 years old. We use our rich history to focus on growth for the future.

About NLO Shieldmark

NLO Shieldmark is part of the largest full-service consultancy in the field of intellectual property and the second largest trademark office in the Netherlands. We offer a unique combination of technical and legal expertise with insight into the business environment in which clients operate. This distinguishes the 20 trademark and design attorneys at NLO Shieldmark and the 80 patent attorneys at NLO. By combining our expertise, NLO Shieldmark can provide clients with the most comprehensive advice possible. The specialists of NLO and NLO Shieldmark also have the most up-to-date knowledge of the IP market at their disposal, which they use in order to provide optimum management for clients’ IP portfolios.

Products and services

The European trademark and design attorneys of NLO Shieldmark offer availability searches, registration, oppositions, infringement advice, cancellations, watch services, renewals, in-use search and mutations. We also have a special team dedicated to all domain name-related issues.

Strategic teams

In an innovative, knowledge-intensive market, the value of an organisation largely depends on IP rights. An effective patent, trademark or design strategy saves money – and can even make money. We provide comprehensive, tailor-made advice. Our team combines complementary knowledge and expertise, so that every type of issue can be addressed at every possible level. By working with teams comprising several specialists, we can guarantee the continuity and quality of our services so that clients receive nothing short of prompt, efficient service.


Our European trademark and design attorneys are located in The Hague and Amsterdam. We also have offices in Ede-Wageningen and Eindhoven and are active in Belgium, where we service clients from offices in Ghent and Mechelen.

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