Marksmen is the top-rated global provider for online brand enforcement. We deliver exceptional, reliable intelligence to our clients so they can make critical decisions with confidence. Over 1 billion people actively use trademarks and domains secured by Marksmen for clients.

How we help you

We investigate and anonymously buy intellectual property for our clients. Our services include:

  • IP investigations;
  • on-site investigations;
  • IP acquisitions;
  • test purchases; and 
  • IP research.

Our credentials

  • 22 years in business
  • 8,800 clients served
  • 100+ countries supported
  • 100,000+ cases completed

Over the years, we have acquired and protected some of the world’s biggest brand names. In fact, Marksmen has been trusted by everyone from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, major tech firms to movie stars, and everyone in between for IP protection. Many of the brands you buy and use every day were secured and protected with the help of Marksmen.

What our customers say

“I’ve been a client of Marksmen for a decade and have referred them many times. They are my secret weapon for domain name acquisitions.” JE, general partner, Bay Area venture capital firm

“Marksmen is the go-to firm in the industry for investigations and acquisitions – if you want it done right the first time.” Peter R, partner, IP law firm

“Marksmen knows trademark investigations from all angles. They are a leader in the industry and I regularly rely upon their expertise.” KS, trademark attorney, Am Law 100 firm

Why choose Marksmen?

  • We guarantee the quality and accuracy of our work
  • We were voted best in the world for online brand enforcement
  • Over 1 billion people actively use IP and domains secured by Marksmen
  • The evidence we gather helps our clients win
  • We maintain absolute confidentiality
  • We follow high ethical standards
  • We are so good that our clients call us their “secret weapon”

Contact us today and let us provide you with the outstanding brand protection you have been looking for!

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