Lext Intellectual Property LLC

Lext Intellectual Property LLC is a cutting-edge boutique law firm set up in 2013 and based in Niteroi, near the city of Rio de Janeiro. Its founders Kris Williamson and Mauricio Tavares bring together over 20 years of experience in Brazilian and European IP law.

The firm is a dynamic partnership that follows a modern business model; placing the relationship with clients first and foremost by striving to listen to their needs, responding to them and devising innovative solutions. All attorneys and partners are fluent in both English and Portuguese, and have a thorough knowledge of IP law.


Lext IP has grown rapidly: the team now counts on close to 15 professionals between the firm’s base in Niteroi and representative offices in Campinas, a principal area of scientific excellence in Brazil, and São Paulo, Brazil’s business capital where a presence is a prerequisite for economic and financial growth.

In addition, Lext IP is now responding to renewed interest (both in Brazil and abroad) in the petrochemical industry by focusing on the north-eastern part of the state of Rio de Janeiro in the towns of Marica, Itaborai and others where assistance in intellectual property is sorely lacking.

Lext IP also continues to serve its substantial and diverse international clientele (eg, Audi, DTS Inc, Marriott and Volkswagen) and vast network of agents across 120 countries in the Americas, Africa, Asia and Europe. Its national and international presence encourages reciprocity of work with other agents which is very much part of this firm’s vocabulary.

Current areas

The firm provides comprehensive advice and assistance to clients in the area of trademarks and patents, ranging from searching, filing, prosecution and registration. This extends to assistance in organising trademark portfolios, negotiating coexistence agreements, sizable assignment projects and assertive protection of clients’ intellectual property by sending and responding to cease and desist letters, as well as filing and monitoring lawsuits.

Developing new areas

Moving away from a conventional trademark base, the firm is now intensifying its presence in other areas with particular emphasis on patent work, especially mechanical, electronic, pharmaceuticals, biotechnologies, and physics and chemistry. In line with this, the firm is cultivating the services that it provides in the area of licensing technology (use of trademarks and copyright, as well as exploration of patents) along with rendering technical assistance or scientific services (know-how) and franchising. With the advent of the new Data Protection Law in Brazil, the firm is also evolving ways to advise clients on the statute’s implications in the business world.

Any prospective client or agent seeking an IP firm that provides a personal service with close attention to specifics should consider Lext IP. Putting its clients first and becoming an integral element of their strategy are probably the most significant reasons for Lext IP’s success in recent years in a highly competitive niche area of law in Brazil.

Contact details

Lext Intellectual Property LLC
Rua Gavião Peixoto 124
Salas 1301-1303
Niterói 24230-101

Professional contacts

Other offices

  • Campinas
  • São Paulo

Sample client list

  • Audi
  • Biancogrés SA
  • DTS Inc
  • Hypera SA
  • Marriott
  • Tereos and Shimano
  • Inc
  • Volkswagen

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