Kasznar Leonardos

With a deep understanding and knowledge of different cultures and industries combined with exceptional skills in technical and legal analysis, Kasznar Leonardos provides companies with tailored solutions to the most complex IP issues, both in Brazil and internationally.

The firm is recognised for its experience and excellence in providing comprehensive IP services to clients of any size. With almost a century of professional experience, we have inherited a priceless legacy of highly qualified professionals who offer the full range of services relating to the protection, enforcement and commercial exploitation of IP rights and assets. Our main areas of practice are:

  • patent and trademark prosecution;
  • industrial designs;
  • regulatory law;
  • life sciences;
  • digital law;
  • marketing and entertainment law;
  • sports law;
  • biodiversity;
  • copyright;
  • unfair competition;
  • plant varieties;
  • technology transfer;
  • geographical indication;
  • trade secrets;
  • franchising and licensing;
  • fashion law;
  • licence compliance; and
  • anti-piracy.

Specialised in the management of intellectual assets, our team has 25 partners and more than 250 employees. We have correspondents in every Brazilian state, as well as a broad international network. Our qualifications and experience, combined with our work ethic and multidisciplinary approach, constitute our greatest differential advantage.

Our trademark prosecution department is renowned for solving complex prosecution issues in important trademark applications and simultaneously managing large trademark portfolios in an extremely cost-effective manner, both in Brazil and abroad. Kasznar Leonardos’s litigation team handles all kinds of IP-related dispute, including:

  • infringement and non-infringement lawsuits;
  • cancellation actions;
  • anti-piracy and compliance programmes;
  • border measures;
  • domain name disputes;
  • unfair competition; and
  • trade secret infringement cases.

We have established successful legal precedents before the different courts in Brazil, including leading cases at the Superior Court of Justice. We also advise prominent companies from all over the world which have chosen Kasznar Leonardos as their legal representatives thanks to our excellent reputation and our professionals’ superior legal knowledge, hard-working approach and ethical conduct.

New practice areas

Our marketing law team guides companies through all the legal risks, rules and regulations associated with marketing practices in Brazil. From day-to-day advertising reviews and guidelines on digital advertising and best practices to complex strategic branding legal advice, we offer our clients solid, business-oriented legal support. In view of the increasingly global audiences that brands target and the global scale on which they deploy marketing business tools, it is more important than ever for companies to globally assess the risks associated with their advertising and marketing campaigns – especially on digital platforms, where country borders are tenuous. Despite recent political upheaval, Brazil remains the largest national economy in Latin America and a market in which brands cannot afford to go unnoticed.

Our licence compliance and anti-piracy team is widely recognised among software entities, copyright owners (especially music, image and video), rights management companies and technology platforms for publishers in light of its success in licence compliance campaigns. From tracking and analysing unlicensed user reports and negotiating the replacement of unlicensed software and other IP-related rights to legal action against non-conforming users, we support our clients in all phases of licence compliance programmes, driving for revenue recovery.

We believe in an ecosystem of innovation. In start-ups, we see an opportunity to make a difference in the economic and social development of our society. Our specialised team helps entrepreneurs to protect their assets and establish non-disclosure agreements and privacy policies, among other activities. Our ‘Sztartup Desk’ also supports investors in business relations with start-ups, allowing them to invest safely by mitigating key risks.

Respect and social responsibility

In addition to providing quality services to our clients, we at Kasznar Leonardos are aware of our role as potential drivers of social transformation. The support that we provide to Hospital Pequeno Principe – the largest paediatric hospital in Brazil – allows children all over the country to receive better medical care so that they can make a difference to society in the future.

Kasznar Leonardos also has a partnership with Camp Mangueira, a national non-profit organisation that provides social assistance and protection to teenagers and young people from poor communities.

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