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We started our activity in 1949 as a family firm. Today we enjoy a solid reputation at both national and international level, always striving to build a close relationship with our clients and delivering specialist legal advice based on the principles of quality, excellence and attention to detail.

With more than 70 years of experience managing and protecting IP rights, J Pereira da Cruz is a top firm of creators, inventors and innovators. Recognised nationally and internationally, J Pereira da Cruz prides itself on working closely with clients to provide a highly specialised service and expert technical and legal advice.

J Pereira da Cruz has a large team of highly experienced IP attorneys, expert consultants and lawyers who seek the best and most innovative solutions to protect clients’ interests.

We strive to be at the forefront of the most recent technologies in order to ensure the best protection of our clients’ interests in the industrial property field. We go beyond the traditional services of registration, surveillance and maintenance of IP rights.

We are committed to a proactive approach of consultation at all stages of the creative process to meet clients’ requirements. Our team of approximately 80 professionals is affiliated, as a company or through our individual members, with the main national and international associations in the sector and with a network of partners all over the world. We defend the interests of our international clients through partnerships with the most highly reputed local firms in our field. These partnerships have developed over many years and provide us with solid guarantees of quality in the protection of our clients’ interests.

J Pereira da Cruz understands that the need to educate both young and older entrepreneurs on the importance of protecting their creations is one of the key challenges of our industry. Creators face the possibility of their work losing value due to poorly protected intellectual property. The costs of the loss of creative value exceed the costs of protecting creative work, and it is up to companies like J Pereira da Cruz, alongside government policy makers, to support creators all over the world. As well as the traditional services of registration, surveillance and maintenance of IP rights, J Pereira da Cruz also takes a proactive approach by offering consultancy at every stage of the creative process.

We believe that competitive advantage is a result of capability in the field, fed by intangible resources such as patents, licences and know-how.

Our strategic approach is based on the belief that these resources are the cornerstone of successful operations and they play a significant role in every client interaction.

That has been our main strategy since the firm’s creation and will remain so.

As a firm specialising in intellectual property, we provide a full range of services covering all areas of industrial property, copyright and related matters. Our areas of activity include:

  • industrial property (patents and utility models, designs, trademarks and logos, and designations of origin);
  • copyright;
  • domain names;
  • company names;
  • arbitration;
  • franchising; and
  • technology transfer.

We provide the following services:

  • patent consultancy and advice;
  • patent drafting;
  • translations;
  • specialist searches;
  • freedom to operate;
  • patent validations;
  • patent internationalisation;
  • strategic analysis for the protection of rights;
  • portfolio management;
  • prior rights searches;
  • national, European, international and worldwide trademark filings;
  • recordals, assignments and licensing;
  • maintenance and monitoring of registered rights;
  • support for start-ups and internationalisation; and
  • IP audits. 

J Pereira da Cruz – protecting innovation and creativity for over 70 years.

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