Ipman Global Intellect Sdn Bhd

Headquartered strategically in the southern part of Malaysia, Ipman Global Intellect Group has become a pioneer IP firm serving companies across the region; it is also one of the largest specialised IP firms in the Iskandar Economic Zone of Malaysia. The firm functions as a professional IP adviser to many publicly listed companies throughout the world. Offering a wealth of professional services, companies worldwide can take full advantage of the firm’s expertise in intellectual property. The founder of the firm is a registered member of the Malaysia Intellectual Property Corporation, as well as the Singapore Intellectual Property Office, the International Trademark Association, the International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property, the Intellectual Property Professional Committee of the Asia Pacific Top Excellence Brand Committee, the Intellectual Property Association of the Association of South-east Asian Nations and the Malaysian Intellectual Property Association.

IP specialisation

Since the firm’s inception, our team has delivered professional corporate IP advisory services relating to the registration of trademarks and designs, copyright and patents to clients in various industries around the region. The firm has connected with many small and medium enterprise industry organisations, offering up-to-date knowledge and expertise in IP services worldwide. The industries in which we have practical experience include pharmaceuticals, airways, food and beverage, cosmetics, logistics, education, investments and software.

We have over 10 years’ experience and offer trademark services in Asia Pacific, the Middle East, Europe, the Americas and Oceania. The firm is a global leader in IP protection, providing clients with a consistent and persistent performance for business and individuals alike. With professional IP knowledge, the firm also aims to benefit organisations, corporations, companies and sole proprietors alike in the protection of their intellectual property across the entire world.

Achievement in intellectual property

Through skilful management and professional knowledge, our team has garnered many international awards and recognitions. Our IP practice has received the following accolades:

  • Most Innovative Intellectual Property Firm 2020 Award in Singapore and Malaysia by Acquisition International, United Kingdom;
  • European Quality Choice Award 2019 by European Society Quality Research, Switzerland;
  • Malaysia Platinum SME Rising Star Award in 2018;
  • Asia Pacific Entrepreneur Excellence Brand Award in 2018;
  • First ISO22301 Intellectual Property Consultancy Firm with business continuity practice in the Books of Malaysia Records in 2018;
  • UKAS ISO 9001 Quality Management System for Provision of Intellectual Property, Trademark and Design, Patent and Copyright Consultancy and other Commercial Consultancy Services in 2017;
  • winner of the Awarded Book of the Top - Excellence Service 2015/2016;
  • winner of the 13th Asia Pacific International Honesty Enterprise Kris Award 2014; and
  • winner of the Awarded Book of the Top – Excellence Brand 2013/2014.

IP professionals

Outstanding as a truly sterling example of going above and beyond for the client, our firm has also successfully registered its clients’ brands and negotiated with legal representatives of well-known marks worldwide. In addition, we assist our clients in negotiating the divestment of their marks to prospective acquirers.

We also offer a rich array of IP services for corporate IP creation and development strategies, IP protection and portfolio management services, IP audit and valuation with IP education programmes. With convenient, knowledgeable and actionable advice, we help clients protect their vital assets and exploit their IP assets in an increasingly competitive and technology-savvy era.

Our team works diligently every day to help clients with their IP needs. We strive tirelessly alongside clients to identify any intangible assets – which we recognise as core to their business – and resolve protection needs necessary for long-term future growth.

As new developments are made in industries all over the world, the fusion of technology with creativity has given birth to more new ideas than ever before. Protecting these ideas is an absolute necessity for many companies, and that is exactly what the firm does through its exemplary services. Enabling companies to pursue their creativity and chase exciting new ideas, our team is fully deserving of its award-winning success, and of the future accolades we shall no doubt obtain through our global excellence.

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  • Altus Solutions SB
  • Daily Fresh Food SB
  • Eldon Healthcare SB
  • Happy Grass Product SB
  • KWNG Asst Management PLT
  • Merope Technology SB
  • SKS Investment Pty Ltd