Griffith Hack

At Griffith Hack, we know intellectual property. And we think we can deliver more than other firms that work in this area. This is why.

At Griffith Hack we are not only experts in our field of technology and in prosecuting, enforcing and opposing trademarks and patents; we seek more than technical excellence – we pursue client-centred service. Responsiveness, accountability and being easy to work with are hallmarks of our approach. More than just a safe pair of hands: we are our clients’ trusted advisers.

This self-belief is supported by industry recognition, having won the prestigious Australasian Law Awards “IP Specialist Firm of the Year” numerous times and maintaining high rankings in all credible IP and legal services directories.

Other firms are consumed by patents, trademarks and designs. At Griffith Hack, we see risks, opportunities and possibilities. Because the journey is really about the end destination, not what you need to help you get there.

We partner with clients to build, protect and grow their businesses through intellectual property.

And rather than only protecting what you already have, we utilise your intellectual property to create new potential, using the IP lens to give a fresh perspective on your markets, your business, your innovation and your brands.

It is important to protect your intellectual property, but with smarter IP development, performance tracking and management, and an inter-dependant team of trademark and patent attorneys and IP lawyers, we can help you make the most of it too.

We call it “intellectual property amplified”.

Our trademark team

Trademarks used to ‘think’ nationally. Now they have to think globally. Hundreds of thousands of trademarks come on line every year and there is a limited number of words and images to represent products. It is a crowded space, so every business needs to protect its patch.

And so, with increasing frequency, companies are looking beyond traditional brand names and logos and using novel trademarks to differentiate themselves.

At the same time, the ease with which ideas can be transported and products copied has grown. Businesses need to be equipped to establish, protect and defend their brands through trademarks.

Our attorneys have extensive experience assisting our clients in identifying and optimising the core value of their businesses. Each member of the group has a thorough understanding of our clients’ businesses and provides practical, commercially focused advice to maximise assets, including:

  • advising on trademark selection and development;
  • managing trademark portfolios;
  • conducting trademark due diligence and audits;
  • carrying out registrability and infringement searches;
  • advising on use of registered and unregistered marks;
  • investigating trademark use;
  • watching and monitoring trademarks;
  • filing and prosecuting trademarks;
  • facilitating the filing and prosecuting of trademarks;
  • conducting opposition proceedings against accepted trademarks;
  • advising on infringement and validity of registrations;
  • advising on passing off and trade deception;
  • issuing customs seizure notices; and
  • providing domain name services.

Our team has a vast amount of experience internationally, often working closely with our trusted network of foreign associates around the globe. This ensures our clients’ interests are represented to the highest standards, regardless of the location.

Lastly, our attorneys are also able to represent clients in New Zealand; with one of our attorneys a former trademark examiner at the Intellectual Property Office of New Zealand, we have an exceptional level of insight into the rationality of that office’s examiners.

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Griffith Hack
Level 10
161 Collins Street
Melbourne VIC 3000

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  • Brisbane
  • Perth
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Sample client list

  • Allergan Inc (BOTOX)
  • Asahi Group Holdings Ltd
  • Bayer GmbH
  • Puma SE
  • Sony
  • The Australia Government Department of Health
  • Viacom International Inc

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