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Davies Collison Cave Pty Ltd (DCC) is a leader in intellectual property. For more than 140 years, we have built a distinguished reputation in intellectual property through the pursuit of excellence. Originally based in Melbourne, our firm has expanded its presence throughout Australia and internationally in New Zealand, Singapore and the ASEAN region. Our practice is built on the expertise of highly specialised attorneys with a commitment to protect, defend and enforce our clients’ rights.

Considered the gold standard in the industry, we are one of the largest IP firms in Australia. We endeavour to partner with clients to understand their strategic business needs. We are renowned for providing top-tier services across the full range of IP matters, including:

  • trademarks;
  • patents;
  • trade secrets;
  • domain names;
  • copyright;
  • designs;
  • plant variety rights;
  • licensing and commercialisation;
  • litigation and dispute resolution; and
  • privacy and data protection.

Trademark services

DCC’s trademark group is Australia’s premier trademark prosecution, advice and opposition practice.

Our trademark group has the largest search and clearance team in the country and is one of the most trusted advisers for trademark searching, with a team of four paralegal trademark searchers. The firm has handled some of the most high-profile corporate re-brandings for national and international organisations. DCC also has a significant opposition practice with an enviable success rate.

Many of our people are actively engaged in teaching IP subjects and are leaders of local and international professional bodies. This knowledge of the IP legal policy framework directly benefits our clients and overseas associates. In particular, Michael Wolnizer, Nick Holmes and Ian Drew teach components of trademark practice and trademark law for the University of Melbourne’s LLM course.

Principals of the firm hold senior positions in international and local organisations:

  • Adam Sears is past chair of the INTA Harmonisation Committee.
  • Michael Wolnizer is past vice chair of the INTA Emerging Issues Committee; past INTA member of the INTA Global Advisory Council for Asia-Pacific; past INTA Membership Recruitment Taskforce leader for Asia-Pacific; past chair of the INTA Trademarks Office Practice Subcommittee; a member of the INTA Leadership Development Committee; past chair of the Intellectual Property Society of Australia and New Zealand (IPSANZ) Victoria chapter; and a member of the Institute of Patent and Trademark Attorneys Trademarks Committee.
  • Marion Heathcote is a past member of the board of directors of INTA; chair of INTA’s Indigenous Rights Committee; a member of INTA’s International Moot Court Project Team; a member of the Asia-Pacific Advisory Council and Advocacy Group Council; a past vice president of the IPSANZ; a past member of the International Wine Law Association’s Management Committee (Australasian Chapter); and chair of the MARQUES Indigenous Peoples Rights Subcommittee Outer Borders Team.
  • Nick Holmes is a past member of the INTA Asia-Pacific and Canada Famous and Well-Known Trademarks Committee; a committee member of the International Trade Mark Association South East Asia – Anti-counterfeiting; current member of the IP Office of New Zealand Hearings trademark Technical Focus Group; and a member of the INTA International Moot Court Project Team.
  • Ian Drew is the co-chair for the Asia-Pacific Law and Practice Subcommittee of the INTA Bulletins; and a member of the IPSANZ.
  • Elizabeth Godfrey is a member of the IPSANZ; a member of INTA; a member of the International Wine Law Association; a current member of the INTA Enforcement Committee – Trademark Enforcement Policy Advocacy Subcommittee; and past member of the INTA Internet Committee’s Rights, Protection Measures Review Subcommittee.
  • Carly Mansell is a member of the IPSANZ; and a member of the Institute of Trademark Attorneys (UK).
  • Esther Seow is an executive member of the International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property (Singapore Group); and a member of the Asia Patent Attorneys Association (Singapore Group).
  • Stuart Green is a member of the IPSANZ; and a member of INTA’s Publications Committee.

In recent years, the trademark team has been recognised by the WTR 1000 as a top-ranking trademark practice and as the top filer in Australia.

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