In an industry built on an increasing reliance on technology, Corsearch is different.

For 70 years, Corsearch has led innovation in trademark clearance and protection solutions, and we have many longstanding client relationships with the world’s leading corporations, law firms and branding agencies. We created the foundation of this business by being first to market with game-changing workflow tools with high-quality solutions, and never losing sight of what matters most: our customers.

We empower our customers with the ability to easily monitor and protect trademarks and brands in an increasingly complex business environment. Highly trained researchers, industry-leading technological innovations, best-in-class strategic solutions and an expansive global content set come together seamlessly to provide a complete solution.

Despite all the technological industry advances, our clients remind us time and time again why they rely on us: highly trained Corsearch researchers with best-in-class tools and personalised attention from their account managers and customer service team.

When our customers need us, we are always available. When you have a support question, we are here to listen and help. And when the work is done, it is completed under the irreplaceable eye of an experienced analyst. Corsearch thrives and constantly improves because of our relationships with our customers.

Corsearch solutions include:

Trademark screening

The Corsearch Screening platform provides instant access to a comprehensive set of global trademark databases in an easy-to-use interface. It is the most reliable and easy-to-use source for clearing marks, M&A due diligence, competitive analysis and business development.

Move seamlessly from initial query – with our proprietary, best-in-class phonetics engine – to a completely customisable screening review. Then create charts with the information you need in the format you want to build finished documents.

Trademark practitioners recognise Corsearch Screening as a reliable, sophisticated, easy-to-use screening tool. Corsearch extends the completeness of your workflow tools even further with document-building tools.

Trademark searching

The quality of our trademark searches is based on two key components: our highly trained expert analysts, and access to a comprehensive set of current and relevant global content.

Corsearch provides full searches by country, region or worldwide through advanced search strategies conducted by highly trained analysts. Each analyst may work through thousands of potential results, and filters the information based on overall relevance.

Corsearch account managers and the analyst team collaborate closely with you to develop a custom-tailored profile – with the end goal of helping you complete your work more accurately and efficiently.

Trademark watching

Once you have cleared and registered your mark, maintaining its uniqueness is key to ensuring its continued value. At Corsearch, expert watching specialists closely monitor new filings and publications of marks that may be confusingly similar to your mark and notify you of any findings.

At Corsearch, we understand that alerts regarding potential infringement need to be delivered without delay. That’s why our watching specialists monitor trademark registrations to ensure that you have adequate time to prepare any opposition or other response to such events.

Corsearch minimises irrelevant marks through automated review and a strict quality assurance regime where not one, but two sets of eyes review each citation – a key advantage over computer-generated and non-filtered notices.

Domain services

Corsearch Domain Management allows your brand owners and legal teams to centralise and strengthen domain name portfolio monitoring and protection, giving you a clear view of all your assets and their status, simplifying and securing domain name management.

Online brand protection

Yellow Brand Protection by Corsearch allows you to quickly and easily evaluate malfeasance that prevents your brands from driving the full revenue that they deserve. Using patented, unique technology, you can effectively monitor myriad risks from infringement, unauthorised sales, sales of counterfeit products, cybersquatting and typo squatting, abuse and disparagement, and other threats to your brands’ reputation.

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