COHAUSZ & FLORACK is a partnership of patent attorneys and attorneys at law founded in 1954. The firm comprises 28 attorneys with around 100 additional staff members and is headquartered in Dusseldorf, Germany – the top venue for patent litigation in the European Union – with an additional office in Munich, Germany, close to the German Patent and Trademark Office and the Federal Patent Court, which also hears trademark matters. The firm specialises in the protection and enforcement of IP rights, as well as related legal fields and aspects of IP commercialisation. It is renowned both nationally and internationally for its comprehensive legal consulting, extensive prosecution practice and fierce litigation strategy.

COHAUSZ & FLORACK serves its national and international clients with strategic advice and represents them in all types of legal dispute arising in connection with IP rights, whether in office proceedings, state courts, negotiations or alternative dispute resolution. Consulting services offered include all manner of IP rights, with a strong focus on trademarks and all related issues including copyright and unfair competition law, as well as contractual matters from licensing and cooperation agreements to sales contracts.

The firm’s attorneys have particular expertise in:

  • trademarks (including marks, signs and brands, trade names, titles and domains);
  • advertising and unfair competition law;
  • designs;
  • border seizures;
  • copyright;
  • media law;
  • contracts; and
  • litigation and arbitration.

In the areas of trademarks, designs and unfair competition, COHAUSZ & FLORACK draws on more than half a century of tradition and experience. The firm manages over 17,000 brands and is one of Germany’s leading firms in the field of intellectual property. It has longstanding experience in strategic drafting, filing, prosecution and management of extensive trademark portfolios, particularly before the EU Intellectual Property Office. In recent years, COHAUSZ & FLORACK was ranked among the top trademark filers in Europe, the top three filers of EU trademarks in 2015 and the highest filer in Germany in this regard.

COHAUSZ & FLORACK’s attorneys take an interdisciplinary approach where each task is handled by the best fitting specialist. Clients are provided with an ‘anchor contact’ at the firm to ensure ease of communication and a reliable high quality of service. Its attorneys develop solutions for technical IP rights, trademarks, names and design protection which allow clients the greatest possible freedom of action. Whether in prosecution, enforcement or exploitation, it is the strategic thinking and comprehensive approach that distinguish COHAUSZ & FLORACK from other IP firms. While its attorneys are vigorous litigators in the German and EU courts, they always keep the client’s best interest in mind, viewing litigation as one possible part of a broader business strategy that is, in practice, primarily driven by the client’s non-legal strategic and commercial interests. Accordingly, one of the firm’s main assets is that its attorneys do not think exclusively in technical or legal categories, but rather take care not to lose sight of the client’s superordinate entrepreneurial and business needs. As attentive advisers, the firm’s attorneys adopt the interests of their clients as their own and look after their IP and legal interests in close cooperation with the decision makers. This comprehensive approach to legal counselling has proven itself time and time again, and is one of the reasons why COHAUSZ & FLORACK is heavily sought after by both small and large-scale companies, and is particularly valued by its many longstanding clients.

Our high-quality work products and the successes that we achieve for our clients, combined with our work ethic, personal bonds, high degree of acceptance by both opponents and colleagues, and sense of proportion, explain our continued growth and longstanding reputation as one of Germany’s top IP firms.

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