ClarkeModet is the largest IP group in Spanish and Portuguese-speaking countries, with 10 companies in Europe and Latin America and a multidisciplinary team of over 500 experts. They join the firm’s clients in the strategic management of the entire lifecycle of IP rights, from idea to market, with a unique, disruptive and innovative methodology that transforms needs into business opportunities. ClarkeModet currently manages two out of every 20 trademarks of international origin within Spanish and Portuguese-speaking countries.

In addition to providing prosecution and enforcement IP services (registration, maintenance, defence and monitoring of IP rights), ClarkeModet offers high-added value consultancy services to trademark owners. The firm’s professionals do so through the transfer, use and exploitation of IP assets and by implementing work systems and policies aimed at generating a competitive advantage.

The firm’s international presence and local knowledge enable it to offer a unified service of management of trademark portfolios based on unified work processes in all the countries it has a presence in and with the same quality standards and corporate policies.

ClarkeModet was founded in Spain in 1879, with the current structure dating back to 1892 following the merger of Clarke y Cia and Agencia General de Patentes y Marcas. The firm started its international expansion in 1940, establishing new IP firms in Portugal and Latin America.

The group is currently present in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Portugal, Spain, Uruguay and Venezuela, with three international desks (Asia Pacific, Europe and North America) and over 20 offices. This large infrastructure allows for the centralised management of large IP portfolios.

ClarkeModet has also incorporated new technologies in both customer services and internal processes to guarantee quality and speed. The company is a pioneer in the use of technologies such as blockchain or machine learning to increase the protection of its clients’ assets in order to face new challenges in digital markets.


The firm’s professionals excel in handling all aspects of trademark work, with more than 360 individuals involved in trademark services. They focus on the protection of clients’ trademarks, trade dress, domain names and commercial names, as well as on trademark portfolio and risk management. Technical services include prior art search; strategy protection per class of products and services, as well as per country; filing of applications before the relevant authorities; filing and answering oppositions; administrative nullity proceedings; infringement and cancellation actions/analysis for lack of use of a protected sign; licensing; and anti-counterfeiting services. This department covers a variety of areas, including food, fashion, medical devices and cosmetics.


The team is made up of more than 500 professionals specialised in different areas of intellectual property, including engineers, European patent attorneys, lawyers and technology transfer consultants, who are frequently recognised by different IP rankings and legal directories.

Corporate social responsibility

Through its internal regulations and corporate culture, ClarkeModet supports different social interest initiatives, as well as inclusion and sustainability policies. The main lines of action for its corporate social responsibility (CSR) programme are focused on the promotion of diversity in its teams through its inclusive recruitment policies.

ClarkeModet minimises environmental impact through policies such as electronic invoicing and file digitisation, as well as following programmes such as Ecoembes for recycling.

CSR initiatives also include the support for non-profit organisations and universities through the sponsorship of various programmes to promote intellectual property and stimulate innovation.

Good governance

The commitment to apply the best business practices and to comply with both internal regulations and applicable legislation is one of the cornerstones of our corporate culture.

When carrying out business, ClarkeModet employs best international practices and standards of good governance, as well as ethics as defined in its codes of conduct – which serve as the basis supporting our employees, directors and administrators to tackle present and future challenges.

All the group’s companies have their own Ethics Code and whistleblowing channels based on the corporate model, which defines the values, commitments and responsibilities we have fostered. The principles of our Ethics Code are applicable not only to internal conduct, but also to our relationships with direct stakeholders: clients, suppliers, competitors (“winning the right way”), allies and public administration departments.

The whistleblowing channels are open to third parties so any person can place, consult or make complaints and queries related to the ethical standards of ClarkeModet, all under the principles of confidentiality, veracity, objectivity, independence and professional secrecy.

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