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Carpmaels & Ransford LLP is renowned as a leader in the European IP market, with a rich 200-year heritage blended with a modern reputation for innovation in the IP industry as a whole.

In the United Kingdom, Carpmaels & Ransford is an expert in all aspects of intellectual property, from inception to enforcement and protection – including clearing, filing and prosecuting trademark applications and conducting all aspects of opposition and IP litigation before the EU Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), the UK Intellectual Property Office (UKIPO), the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO), all levels of the English first-instance and appeal courts and the European Court of Justice. Carpmaels & Ransford is also engaged in all aspects of trademark prosecution internationally, using an excellent network of local attorneys under its instruction to prosecute applications, oppositions, cancellation actions and infringement suits.


Clear differentiation from competitors is something that every brand owner seeks. Our proven expertise across all areas of trademark work – from clearance searches to worldwide registration, enforcement, customs recordals, disputes, litigation, licensing, contractual and transactional matters – is what distinguishes our team and will help our clients to win and maintain real competitive advantage.

We pride ourselves on our ability to clearly identify each client’s needs and provide a bespoke solution. Our team adds value by thinking beyond a problem or situation, always seeking to improve the client’s trademark position.

We conduct clearance searches for proposed new trademarks and provide strategic advice on adopting marks which will serve the client’s commercial objectives, whether locally or internationally. We also provide monitoring services for conflicting trademarks and advise on domain name conflicts.

We steer our clients carefully through the complex issues surrounding trademark, design and copyright law. These include applications, oppositions and registrations across a diverse range of product and service marks before the UKIPO, the EUIPO, WIPO and internationally, as well as litigation across Europe.

Often, a client’s interests are best served by an amicable solution with third parties. We are skilled at negotiating resolutions to trademark conflicts, on both a national and international level, as the geographical scope of trademark protection increases.

Our team includes solicitors, trademark attorney litigators, trademark attorneys, paralegals and a specialist formalities team. We are ideally equipped to deal with any contentious or non-contentious issue.

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