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Bresner Cammareri Intellectual Property – BCIP is a specialised IP boutique with a client-oriented approach. Our mission is to provide the best, most modern and most cost-effective legal services to our domestic and international clients. We share a passion for intellectual property and strive to offer high-quality and tailored services. We help companies and individuals to develop, acquire, exploit and protect IP rights such as trademarks, domain names, geographical indications, designations of origin, designs, patents, know-how and trade secrets.

IP litigation and consulting

BCIP not only provides evaluations and memoranda, but also drafts contracts and licence, distribution and franchising agreements. We assist clients with the transfer or acquisition of IP rights and help them to manage research and development activities. We can also provide targeted and specific assistance in drafting any type of tailored contract regulating the exploitation of IP rights.

We assist clients with IP litigation before the Italian specialised courts. In so doing, BCIP has gained significant experience in the field of IP protection and unfair competition, both in pre-trial and ordinary proceedings.

Customs surveillance

We handle domestic, international and online anti-counterfeiting cases and have significant experience assisting renowned Italian and international fashion houses and luxury brands. We offer a full package of customs monitoring services aimed at preventing the import and export of counterfeit products. Over the years, we have developed a network of correspondents worldwide. We use the latest and most sophisticated software available for anti-counterfeiting.

Trademarks, patents, designs and utility models

We assist both national and international clients with all the activities relating to defending and safeguarding trademarks, patents, designs and utility models, including:

  • filing and registering national, EU and international IP rights;
  • filing oppositions to registration and procedures for the cancellation or invalidation of such IP rights;
  • surveillance services;
  • strategic management of worldwide IP portfolios;
  • drafting licence, sponsorship, merchandising and franchising contracts;
  • drafting contracts for the establishment of warranty rights on IP rights; and
  • corporate consultancy, including due diligence and economic assessment of IP rights.

Internet and domain names

We help clients to protect their IP rights online by, for example:

  • conducting procedures aimed at allowing legitimate owners to recover their exclusive ownership of domain names;
  • closing social network pages that illegitimately use our clients’ IP rights;
  • monitoring the Web in order to intercept and suppress the illicit use of our clients’ brands;
  • protecting our clients’ online reputation (right to be forgotten); and
  • registering domain names worldwide.

Privacy and GDPR

We support companies seeking to comply with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) by helping them to protect and safeguard any sensitive data that they are managing. BCIP provides highly specialised consultancy services in the field of personal data processing, in cooperation with the Italian Data Protection Authority. We not only draft internal polices and information notices to employees, customers and suppliers, but also create agreements for data sales or transfers and data processing outsourcing agreements.

Unfair competition, unfair commercial practices and misleading publicity

We assist clients in cases surrounding defamation and comparative advertising, imitation, exploitation of notoriety, parasitism and employee poaching. This often includes providing legal advice regarding campaigns, loyalty programmes, ads and announcements in order to verify their lawfulness and correctness and to formulate alternative proposals, if necessary. BCIP assists in negotiating and drafting contracts between operators, and defends and represents clients in disputes before the Ordinary Judicial Authority, the Institute of Advertising Self-Regulation, the Competition and Market Authority and other competent administrative authorities.

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