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Arnason Faktor is the largest and most specialised IP practice firm in Iceland with extensive experience and expertise in all fields of intellectual property. With domestic and international cooperation and a professional team of highly qualified technical, legal, linguistic and administrative staff, Arnason Faktor is well prepared to serve international and domestic clients equally.

Arnason Faktor traces its roots back to 1969 and has been a pioneer in the promotion of IP protection in Iceland’s industry and business community. Arnason Faktor takes pride in the history of its predecessors and strives to build on their legacy of quality and excellence and evolve to meet the future needs of its clients.

We offer our clients extensive services in the field of intellectual property, including litigation and licensing, copyright, patent drafting, filings, registrations and validations, trademark registrations, trademark searches and design and domain registrations, along with any kind of contentious work in the field of intellectual property.

Our aim is to offer a high-quality IP rights consulting service, including an IP rights-based business development consultancy. Our success is thanks to targeted recruitment, qualification development, highly efficient teamwork among employees and their active participation in the development of the company.

Our professionals are specialised within the legal, scientific and technical disciplines traditionally associated with IP rights consulting services.

IP policing and litigation

We can assist you with enforcement matters, strategies and preparation for litigation, as well as bringing IP cases throughout the litigation process. Together with our professional colleagues and in connection with the complex requirements of IP litigations, we have built up extensive experience in the field. Our experience entails seeing cases through to the Supreme Court along with handling cases before the European Free Trade Association court.


Our staff includes five European patent attorneys and highly qualified administrative staff, who can assist clients with pre and post-grant services as well as analysis and advice, including:

  • drafting and prosecution as well as administration before the Icelandic Patent Office (IPO);
  • European Patent Office representation;
  • oppositions and enforcement of IP rights;
  • litigation, including, handling of complex supplementary protection certificate matters; and
  • validity, freedom-to-operate and infringement opinions.


A dedicated team of trademark attorneys, together with experienced and highly qualified administrative staff, provide all services in the field of trademarks relating to the creation, registration and protection of trademarks domestically and internationally.

Our services include:

  • registrations and prosecutions of trademark applications before the IPO, international filings as well as representation before the EU Intellectual Property Office (formerly the Office for Harmonisation in the Internal Market);
  • watches and renewals;
  • brand protection surveillance and clearance on the Internet;
  • counterfeit matters;
  • agreement drafting and execution; and
  • handling of a large volume of appeals board cases.


Our team handles the registration and protection of designs globally and in Iceland. The services include:

  • registrations and prosecutions of design applications before the IPO;
  • filing and prosecution of international registrations;
  • enforcing and defending copyright claims;
  • assistance relating to all types of copyright agreement and assignments of copyrighted work; and
  • litigation of copyright-related matters.

IP portfolio administration and strategic advice

Our experienced and efficient staff, supported by our highly developed case management system, comprehensively manages and organises large-volume IP portfolios. That service includes keeping all case records and watching all terms. We also offer services relating to IP management, including assisting clients with:

  • overall IP strategy;
  • mapping and watching IP portfolios and their competitors’ area of commercial interest; and
  • enforcing IP rights.

IP due diligence

We perform due diligence on IP rights for all purposes, including any kinds of IP transaction, M&A and IP report for larger corporations.

Licensing, commercialisation and business development

Our specialists advise on licensing intellectual property, negotiating agreements and enforcement.

IP valuation

There are increasing demands on companies to incorporate IP rights in their accounts and annual reports. Through collaborating partners in the area of finance and accounting, we can assist you with valuating intellectual property.

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