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One of the oldest established companies in Turkey, Ankara Patent Bureau is a one-stop shop for services in every field of intellectual property. With the experience and knowledge of three generations, Ankara Patent provides a road map for the protection of IP assets, from the creation of an idea to the end of the lifecycle of the product or service, including all aspects of commercialisation.

Ankara Patent has had a strong influence on the development of intellectual property in Turkey since 1964, and maintains a leading position with its unique system of analysis, evaluation and recommendation. Its professionals include European patent attorneys, members of the Institute of Professional Representatives before the European Patent Office, experienced lawyers and engineers specialising in the IP field, as well as experts in business.

Ankara Patent has a highly selective client portfolio, including large international and national conglomerate groups and their subsidiaries, and universities. Ankara Patent has built its own system of analysis, evaluation and recommendation. With a team of 100 engineers, lawyers and business consultants, the firm plays an active role in improving IP awareness among academic and non-governmental organisation studies globally.

Ankara Patent provides the full range of IP services for its clients and global network of colleagues and solution providers. Areas of expertise include:

  • IP strategy portfolio management;
  • IP-related agreements;
  • customised IP intelligence reports;
  • patent mapping;
  • strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats analysis;
  • technological trend analysis; and
  • international status report visualisation.

Services include:

  • IP applications before the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office (Turkpatent);
  • IP validations, annuity payments and renewals;
  • IP oppositions, counter-statements and replies against decisions;
  • copyright registration before the Turkish Ministry of Culture;
  • domain name registration; and
  • Trademark Clearinghouse application filing.

Ankara Patent is also experienced in patent research and watch, patentability, freedom to operate, technical comparison reports, technology watch, trademark search and watch, similar and identical search, brand watch, design search and watch, and novelty and distinctiveness.

Ankara Patent’s client portfolio includes:

  • large international and national conglomerate groups and their subsidiaries;
  • three companies in the top five of the Patent League, including the winner of the Turkpatent Awards 2015;
  • all of the companies ranked highest in patent, trademark and design applications by the Turkpatent Awards 2014;
  • 17 of the top 100 exporters reported by the Turkish Exporter’s Assembly (TIM) in 2015 (four in the top seven, seven in the top 20);
  • 18 of the top 100 exporters reported by the TIM in 2014 (four in the top seven, five in the top 10);
  • 24 companies ranked in the Istanbul Chamber of Industry ISO 100 List 2014;
  • 25 of top 100 ranked in the Capital 500 2015; and
  • five of the top 10 (including the winner) and 11 of the top 20 companies ranked by Brand Finance Turkey 2015.

Ankara Patent’s clients cover a diversity of technical fields, including biology and biotechnology, chemistry, electricity and electronics, materials science, mechanical engineering, pharmaceuticals, physical sciences and semiconductors.

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