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Al-Otaishan Intellectual Property & Technology Law Firm (AIP&T) is a leading IP firm in West Asia and Africa. AIP&T was founded in 2008 by Mohammad Saleh Al-Otaishan, who gained his LLM in intellectual property from the University of Washington, to provide high-quality legal and advisory services at very competitive prices. Quality and success have helped the firm gain the trust of its clients and thus develop its activities from its headquarters in Riyadh into other jurisdictions in West Asia and Africa. The firm now has a total of seven offices across Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Kuwait, Egypt and Sudan, and works in 60 other jurisdictions through professional associates. With over 50 professionals and more than 1,000 clients, AIP&T is one of the fastest growing IP firms in the region.

Accountability and speed are key features of AIP&T, reflected in many outstanding services that the firm provides, such as expedited filing applications, a free watch service and a centralised litigation department.

With filing a central aspect of securing IP rights, AIP&T aims to perform this procedure expeditiously in all its branch offices, as well as through its associates in the region. Our expertise enables us to avoid restrictions to such filing and we even use social media communications with our associates to proceed quickly in critical cases.

Trademark infringement of successful brands is an unavoidable problem in the region. In order to monitor brands in key jurisdictions, AIP&T has created an independent trademark watch department that checks all publications in Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Oman, Yemen, Jordan, Kuwait, Iraq, Syria, the West Bank, the Gaza Strip, Egypt and Sudan.

The litigation department at AIP&T has 20 IP attorneys who work on the following two bases: the centralisation of IP litigation on the one hand, and the demonstration of international IP practices to local courts on the other.

The first aspect consists of the team directly analysing, preparing and drafting complaints, memoranda, arguments and counter-arguments for local lawyers who physically perform litigation in the relevant jurisdiction. This centralised approach enables the firm to maintain control over the quality and strength of the arguments used.

The second aspect involves educating the local courts in the industrial and commercial policies and practices used by courts in more sophisticated jurisdictions. Our experience shows a significant practice gap between international practice and the understanding of IP by courts in our region. The litigation department accordingly tries to fill this gap by presenting correct practices to local courts. This ultimately supports brand owners in ensuring that their valuable rights will not be lost because of an incorrect application of industrial or commercial policies. For example, many courts across the region do not examine the strength and distinctiveness of marks. As a result, they issue unreasonable decisions. Our team’s mission is therefore to present these schisms clearly – and, on the whole, we succeed.

AIP&T has a very advanced patent department with annual filing of 700 to 1,000 applications. Our patent attorneys have a background in engineering and cover all aspects of patent protection, from filing and prosecution to litigation and high volume of annuity payments. In addition, the firm also handles over 4,000 trademark applications, renewals and other procedures annually.

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