WTR investigation exclusives

WTR investigation exclusives

WTR investigation exclusives

We examine the data findings of major WTR investigations. Long-term, deep-dive projects uncover the latest activity affecting trademark management and filing strategies.

The Gleissner files

The Gleissner files: uncovering a trademark and domain name empire (2017)

The vast domain name and trademark portfolio of entrepreneur Michael Gleissner can be revealed following an extensive investigation by World Trademark Review.

The Gleissner files: an expanding trademark and domains effort (2017)

An expanded investigation by World Trademark Review can reveal nearly 2,000 more trademarks linked to entrepreneur and serial trademark filer Michael Gleissner. The total now spans over 4,400 marks across 38 jurisdictions worldwide.

The Gleissner files: an oppositions investigation (2018)

A major new investigation by World Trademark Review reveals entrepreneur Michael Gleissner has lost a vast majority of opposition decisions in the UK, but has scored some notable victories against well-known brands.

The Gleissner files: the attorney landscape (2020)

New data reveals that Jonathan Grant Morton, the attorney known in trademark circles for assisting Michael Gleissner in his brand portfolio-building efforts, is the leading representative of trademark filings at the USPTO in 2020 to date.

The Ueda files

The filings of Ikuhiro Ueda (2019)

An incredibly prolific trademark filer in Japan, Ikuhiro Ueda, is causing headaches for brands, according to experts. In an exclusive investigation from WTR, we reveal the staggering scope of this portfolio-building exercise.

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