Community insights

Community insights

Community insights

We analyse the data findings of WTR benchmarking and community survey projects. The trademark operation benchmarking survey polls corporate and law firm professionals to take the pulse of the IP landscape and identify how practice, strategies and threats are evolving over time. The online brand protection strategies project builds a complete profile of the landscape, identifying both emerging threats and the latest practices to counter them.

Global trademark operations benchmarking survey

Trademark operations benchmarking (law firm practice) 2021

For over a decade, WTR has surveyed its readership for the Global Trademark Benchmarking Survey, which aims to identify how practice, strategies and threats are evolving. This year’s law firm results reveal the impact of the pandemic on trademark operations and which aspects have changed forever.

Trademark operations benchmarking 2020

The Global Trademark Benchmarking Survey provides exclusive insight behind the scenes at corporate trademark practices and reveals the risks and opportunities that law firms face. This year, we uncover attitudes towards industry associations and how diversity concerns are informing hiring practices and the relationship with key stakeholders.

Trademark operations benchmarking 2019

This year’s Global Trademark Benchmarking Survey provides unique insight into how trademark practice operations are built and managed – uncovering corporate trademark strategies, revealing team budgets and exploring the interplay with internal stakeholders.

Trademark operations benchmarking 2018

More than a quarter of corporate trademark teams are predicting budget increases in the next 12 months. However, despite rising levels of work being outsourced to law firm partners, pessimism over the future is growing among private practice professionals.

Trademark operations benchmarking 2017

As law firms adapt to more sophisticated client demands and restructure their pricing options, many corporate trademark departments are being radically reorganised in a bid to control costs and bring more work home – but will the gamble pay off?

Trademark operations benchmarking 2016

While corporate trademark counsel continue to struggle with budget cuts and freezes, their counterparts in private practice are reporting increased workloads, revenues and positivity. Although this may at first seem counterintuitive, it stems from the symbiotic relationship between the two

Trademark operations benchmarking 2015

While trademark counsel seem to be benefiting from closer relationships with marketing, significant challenges remain – not least managing an increasingly complex digital workload within renewed budgetary constraints

Online brand protection benchmarking survey

Online brand protection strategies 2021

WTR has polled a select group of corporate and law firm trademark professionals to gauge the extent to which the shift to online shopping during successive covid-19 lockdowns has led to a growing rise in trademark violations – and to dig deep into how those on the receiving end are fighting back.

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