Data Analysis

The problem with pay: are UK firms doing enough to reduce the gender pay gap?

Data analysis of recent gender pay gap reports from top trademark firms reveals a worrying trend across the legal industry.

28 July 2022

US trademark litigation: H1 2022

Featured in Litigation landscape

Trademark litigation filings at US district court level are set for a small increase this year, according to the latest data projections from Docket Navigator.

22 July 2022

WTR Brand Elite analysis: June 2022

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A rocky month in the stock markets saw the WTR Brand Elite drop eight points through June. The index is now at its lowest value since November 2020.

18 July 2022

10 biggest corporate trademark portfolios revealed

We reveal the 10 companies with the biggest active trademark portfolios in China, Europe and the United States

07 July 2022

Inside the US litigation landscape

Featured in WTR Special Report Q2 2022: The trademark landscape: a data deep dive into key and emerging trends

Trademark litigation filings recorded by litigation data and analytics specialist Docket Navigator provide a range of crucial insights into the US litigation landscape

07 July 2022

EUIPO trends and top filers: 2021/22

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French personal care powerhouse L'Oréal was the leading corporate applicant for EU trademarks in the 12 months preceding 1 May 2022, some way ahead of second-placed Philip Morris,  EUIPO data reveals.

04 July 2022

New Chinese brands eye global footprint, research reveals

The number of new Chinese brands leading the way in global protection exceeds the number of US brands adopting a similar strategy, according to the first ever Clarivate Top 100 New Brands report.

30 June 2022

WTR Brand Elite analysis: May 2022

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The WTR Brand Elite dropped a point in the month ending 31 May, as stock markets around the world returned mixed results. Companies in the energy sector, though, had a strong month.

23 June 2022

Register Tracker Latin America: January-April 2022

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Registration rates have fallen at most major Latin America registries this year, but despite volatile application levels, companies in the region continue to eye overseas protection.

21 June 2022

Register Tracker Asia-Pacific: January-April 2022

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Filing activity has continued to fall at every major Asian register this year, as data reveals a shifting focus away from international filings by Chinese applicants.

20 June 2022

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