Data Analysis

Challenger cosmetics brands poised to thrive online

The beauty industry is in a period of major disruption, but the shift to e-commerce has benefitted DTC brands.

08 October 2021

How Netflix builds long-term strategy around popular content and brands

The company purchased the Roald Dahl story catalogue, which it will leverage in streaming but also in its burgeoning video game and consumer businesses.

01 October 2021 leverages relationship with LVMH to boost its own reputation

All the brand’s touchpoints are covered, giving the e-commerce giant a leg up in a competitive market.

24 September 2021

Why 2021 could be the year China’s trademark volume starts to decline

A decade of explosive growth has greatly altered the country’s IP and brand ecosystems, but preliminary numbers indicate negative growth is a very real possibility this year.

17 September 2021

Marvel always possessed the ‘House of Ideas’, but it had to learn how to unleash its IP

A major strategy shift in the early 2000s resulted in increased licensing engagement, and the company has continued to be proactive in brand monetisation since, to great success.

10 September 2021

adidas moves on from Reebok to focus on core brand

The German sportswear company spent years trying to bolster the Reebok brand, but now it will focus exclusively on key franchises under its main money maker.

03 September 2021

Brazil is an important market for global brand owners, and the data is telling of this

The country has the largest trademark register in South America, and in 2019 it took a major step to improving its IP infrastructure through its accession to the Madrid Protocol

27 August 2021

EUIPO trends and top filers: 2020/21

Featured in Prosecution

Two million EU trademark registrations have officially been filed at the EUIPO.

24 August 2021

Coca-Cola’s brand strategy requires a balance of innovation, nurturing, and knowing when to call it quits

The renowned drinks manufacturer has been on a brand purge since the end of 2020, putting an end to underperformers and reallocating resources to its best and most promising brands

20 August 2021

Find out what’s inside the portfolio of the world’s second largest licensor

Meredith Corp has an extensive brand licensing practice, owning the rights to major names like PEOPLE, Better Homes & Gardens, and Martha Stewart Living

13 August 2021

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