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Register Tracker Latin America: May-August 2021

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Latin American brand owners post strong foreign filing levels during mid-year period

03 November 2021

Register Tracker Asia-Pacific: May-August 2021

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Major Asia markets are faring better than Europe and North America from a trademark filings perspective.

29 October 2021

Register Tracker Europe and US: May-August 2021

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The latest data reveals that filings are down, particularly domestic applications.

27 October 2021

The pandemic’s delayed impact on the trademark landscape

2020 was a record-breaking year, but opposite trends are taking place in 2021.

22 October 2021

Trademark applications from China are on a downward trend around the world

Data analysis suggests that political factors are likely responsible for a change in filing patterns from trademark applicants in China.

20 October 2021

AB InBev's beyond-beer strategy could transform its brand portfolio

Its staple brands still have an important role to play as the brewer looks to expand into adjacent product areas such as hard seltzer and canned cocktails.

15 October 2021

Challenger cosmetics brands poised to thrive online

The beauty industry is in a period of major disruption, but the shift to e-commerce has benefitted DTC brands.

08 October 2021

How Netflix builds long-term strategy around popular content and brands

The company purchased the Roald Dahl story catalogue, which it will leverage in streaming but also in its burgeoning video game and consumer businesses.

01 October 2021 leverages relationship with LVMH to boost its own reputation

All the brand’s touchpoints are covered, giving the e-commerce giant a leg up in a competitive market.

24 September 2021

Why 2021 could be the year China’s trademark volume starts to decline

A decade of explosive growth has greatly altered the country’s IP and brand ecosystems, but preliminary numbers indicate negative growth is a very real possibility this year.

17 September 2021

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