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Fake drugs and medical supplies top priority for US authorities, annual enforcement data reveals

The Office of the Intellectual Property Enforcement Coordinator has issued its Annual IP Report to Congress, providing a vital snapshot of the US enforcement landscape.

13 April 2022

Inside the China IP service industry: the current landscape and future drivers of growth

A CNIPA report reveals 73,000 Chinese IP service companies existed in 2020, 9.3% more than the previous year, as technological innovation and specialisation drive growth.

08 April 2022

Shift in fan behaviour has dramatic effect on sports sponsorship

Shifting consumer attitudes are reshaping the sports sponsorship model, according to a new report by Nielsen.

06 April 2022

Stick or twist? The law firm headcount conundrum and how in-house budget expectations add complexity

Over three-quarters of law firm respondents to WTR’s latest survey expect to increase their headcount over the next six months.

31 March 2022

Alibaba report shows uptick in enforcement effort as brand engagement sets new record

A record number of rights holders have signed up to the Alibaba IPP Platform and Anti-counterfeiting Alliance, according to the group's annual IP protection report.

31 March 2022

China cracks down on bad-faith filing surge: 2021 data examined

Bad-faith trademark filings increased more than 3,000% last year, according to eye-watering statistics released by the CNIPA last week. However, the increase shows that the office has been working hard to crack down on malicious activity.

28 March 2022

WTR Brand Elite analysis: February 2022

Featured in Stock market performance

The WTR Brand Elite tumbled nine points in the month ending 28 February, hitting its lowest level in a year.

22 March 2022

How trademarks are driving economic growth: USPTO report analysis

The USPTO's Intellectual Property and the Economy report identifies the industries that rely most heavily on IP. Trademark-intensive industries accounted for nearly $7 trillion of GDP, and made the biggest contribution to direct employment.

18 March 2022

Local counterfeit production is on the rise, harming EU economy, Europol report warns

A growing number of counterfeit goods, including fake pharmaceutical products, are being manufactured in the European Union, a joint report by Europol and the EUIPO warns.

09 March 2022

Anti-counterfeiting actions lead to spike in design patent cases in Florida and Pennsylvania

IAM’s Angela Morris reveals that anti-counterfeiting actions are driving a rise in design patent litigation filings, with the Southern District of Florida and Western District of Pennsylvania emerging as key forums.

08 March 2022

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