Data Analysis

Government reform and incentives have created a robust trademark ecosystem in India: top filers revealed

Asia’s third-largest economy is now the third-most active register in the world thanks to a hot start-up scene and prolific local filers

16 April 2021

Luxury doyen Hermès is thriving, thanks to unwavering dedication to its traditional brand values

The French boutique is taking market changes in its stride and its popularity is growing as a result.

09 April 2021

Nestlé scours for attractive brands to keep itself on top of the market

The Swiss multinational has an arsenal of iconic brands and local favourites, which it keeps up to date by adding and dropping businesses in line with evolving consumer tastes.

29 March 2021

Trademarks within services are trending upwards, indicating a shift in economies away from goods

Nice class data gives insight into business activity within major markets. Among other things, it reveals how ongoing trends have been disrupted by the pandemic.

19 March 2021

What happens to Big Oil majors when they fall out of love with their key commodity? They rebrand

Using buzz words like ‘petroleum’ and ‘oil’ once made sense in branding but supermajors are increasingly dropping references to their legacy businesses as they try to go green.

12 March 2021

Early trademark data for 2021 reveals activity levels at major registers are off to a solid start

Our latest update tracking the impact of covid-19 on major ecosystems shows top markets are faring better than expected.

05 March 2021

Major Leagues rely on new-age media to boost engagement and strengthen brand equity

The top sports leagues in the US are social media savvy, and their trademark portfolios reflect their unique branding circumstances.

26 February 2021

Positive intention for UK address for service rule changes, but data shows muted impact

The UK trademark filing landscape is changing, with new agents coming onto the scene and early analysis indicating limited impact of the new local address for service requirement.

19 February 2021

France records its fourth year of trademark growth, hitting the 100,000 applications mark

Domestic brands are IP savvy and are particularly active users of WIPO’s Madrid system.

12 February 2021

Lego thrives thanks to savvy branding that stays true to core values

The legacy brand is both proactive and reactive in its strategy, ensuring that it stays relevant in a market that is unkind to traditional retailers.

05 February 2021

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