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Domain name protection: more efficacy, less pain (14 October 2020)

Domain names are the critical ‘front door’ to your business on the Internet. Efficiently defending your business and brand against increasingly clever and aggressive fraudsters requires a cohesive process consistently applied to your most valuable brand assets. 

This webinar will briefly review the brand/domain name protection processes currently in use across the industry and will identify the key issues consistent across most brands and the pain points associated with them – such as: 

  • Discovery – with constantly changing tactics from bad actors, a wide net is crucial to discovering infringement.
  • Relevance – how critical is a detected infringement and what will its impact be over time?
  • Action – what action to take and when? At what cost and which ROI?

The presentation will then transition to a new model and new way of thinking about the entire process that not only improves the quality of protection but dramatically increases efficiency. This section will conclude with a live demo of a new DataPulse offering that is laser focused on solving the problems that most brands face and maximising the ROI of a domain name defence strategy. The demo will showcase key capabilities, including:

  • Comprehensive listings of potentially infringing and otherwise confusingly similar domains for any given brand name – provided in real time.
  • An intuitive, visually based tool that facilitates quick and easy review of all potentially harmful domains for problem content and/or other indicators of abuse – thereby facilitating rapid prioritisation of brand protection actions.
  • Supplementary data to further assist prioritisation such as domain hosting source, presence of payment capability and/or credentials collection.
  • All of the above updated on a regular basis as new, potentially imposter domains come online and existing ones change.



Jeff Schmidt

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Jeff Schmidt is an entrepreneur who has managed several tech firms to acquisition. He is a cybersecurity and internet infrastructure expert, and the co-founder of DataPulse.

Jeff is the co-finder of "JASBUG" (CVE-2015-0008, MS15-011, MS15-014), the author of The Microsoft Windows 2000 Security Handbook, published by Que in four languages, and a contributing author to Cyber Security Policy Guidebook, Wiley (with Jennifer Bayuk, Jason Healey, Paul Rohmeyer, Marcus H Sachs and Joseph Weiss), Using Windows NT 4.0 and Teach Yourself Linux in 10 Minutes. He is an adjunct professor of systems security engineering at the Stevens Institute of Technology and the Zurich cyber risk fellow, Cyber Statecraft Initiative, at The Atlantic Council, and holds a CISSP, an MBA and a BS in computer science.

His specialties are IT security, entrepreneurship, technology commercialisation, risk management, international business and domain name systems (DNS).


William Yang
Vice president, products/co-founder

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William Yang is a cybersecurity and internet infrastructure expert, as well as a technology operations. consistency, and scalability expert. He is a co-founder of DataPulse and holds a CISSP and a BA in philosophy

His specialties are data security, IT operations, risk management, security and technology governance, disaster recovery/business continuity and DNS.

Before DataPulse, Bill served in these capacities:

  • As partner with security consulting firm JAS Global Advisors, LLC, Bill developed the business requirements for the ICANN Trademark Clearinghouse.
  • He was Ohio’s state IT security policy officer. 
  • He led information security, operations continuity, outreach and software development projects for the Ohio Supercomputer Center.
  • He co-founded National InfraGard, a public-private partnership operating in cooperation with the Federal Bureau of Investigation to improve the security of US critical infrastructures.


Date - 14 October 2020

Time - 15:00 - 15:55 BST

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