1 May

Can you trademark sounds, smells, colours, motions and flavours?

Trademarks are much more than a logo used to identify a brand. Non-traditional trademarks using sounds, colours and shapes have exploded onto the scene, bringing notoriety to many a business and brand.

G Warren Bleeker


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G Warren Bleeker is a partner in Lewis Roca Rothgerber Christie’s IP practice group, focusing on patent, copyright, trademark, trade secret and unfair competition matters. He represents clients enforcing their IP rights and those accused of infringing the IP rights of others. He has extensive litigation experience in both federal and state courts and before the TTAB. Mr Bleeker has counselled and represented numerous Fortune 500 clients, medium and small-sized corporations and individuals in the areas of commerce including industrial manufacturing, toys, electronics, cutlery design, oil and gas, clothing and textiles, handbag manufacturing and distribution, photography and photography accessories, food preparation, restaurant, and the music and entertainment industries.  

Mike Koplow


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Mike Koplow is an associate in Lewis Roca Rothgerber Christie’s IP practice group. Mr Koplow practices in the area of IP litigation and prosecution work and has litigated IP disputes involving claims of patent and copyright infringement, misappropriation of trade secrets and unfair competition. Mr Koplow’s prosecution experience includes US and foreign patent applications, as well as opinion work related to IP strategy and consultation. He also provides support regarding copyrights and trademarks with particular experience in inter partes review proceedings. With a PhD in mechanical engineering and business experience in manufacturing and design, Mr Koplow has a vast background across numerous technologies including medical devices, three-dimensional printing, semi-conductor devices, industrial equipment, electro-mechanical devices, building construction materials and methods, power tools, unmanned aerial systems technology and electronic hardware.