How do private investigators assist in brand protection cases?

WTR readers have a last chance to share their perspective on how private investigators are assisting their brand protection work, and the challenges currently being faced when working with PIs.

How do private investigators assist in brand protection cases?
“Information is our most effective weapon” – insights from the frontline of scambaiting
18 May 2020

“Information is our most effective weapon” – insights from the frontline of scambaiting

Talking to WTR, the content creator behind the popular Atomic Shrimp channel reveals the changing nature of scam emails and outlines what major brands can do to more effectively combat this long-time foe.

Are recessions the right time for rebranding after an acquisition? The data offers the answer
14 May 2020

Are recessions the right time for rebranding after an acquisition? The data offers the answer

New research from Brand Finance suggests that rebranding can be better for long-term brand value. However, a keen eye is needed for each brand’s success.


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11 May 2020

How to manage and mitigate brand risks while protecting value during a pandemic

Gabriela Salinas, global managing director of the Brand Finance Institute, takes a deep dive into brand valuation and strength data to provide critical insight into how companies can minimise the impact of covid-19 on their brands. Read more

8 May 2020

Trademark applications will drop during the coronavirus crisis, but globalisation offers hope of a speedy recovery

A new report from TrademarkNow explores the impact of two major recessions on USPTO filings, giving insight into what is to come. Hint: it’s not all doom and gloom. Read more

7 May 2020

Facebook, Amazon and Apple teams top the list as world’s leading corporate trademark professionals revealed

The fourth edition of WTR 300: The World’s Leading Corporate Trademark Professionals identifies the individuals deemed to be the leading lights of the corporate trademark world. Read more

6 May 2020

Private investigators and brand protection: have your say

WTR is inviting trademark industry professionals to share their perspective on how private investigators (PIs) are assisting with brand protection work, and the challenges currently being faced when finding and working with PIs. Read more


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6 Apr 2020

WTR Industry Awards 2020: the shortlist revealed

The WTR Industry Awards 2020 honour leading trademark teams and individuals across a range of sectors. Here we unveil the shortlist. Read more

3 Apr 2020

Question marks over the future of brands already in decline pre-covid-19

This year’s Brand Finance Global 500 ranking of the world’s most valuable brands reveals Chinese software giant Baidu, ride-hailing app Uber and US telecoms giant AT&T among those to have suffered the biggest brand value drop last year. Read more

2 Apr 2020

Trademark fame: academics find objective measure that could transform IP practice

A groundbreaking new study has created an empirical measure of trademark fame that academics claim could be rolled out in common IP practice. Read more

1 Apr 2020

WTR Industry Awards: the 2020 shortlisted teams and individuals unveiled

WTR is pleased to reveal the shortlist for the 2020 WTR Industry Awards. Among the corporate teams featured on this year’s shortlist are those from Boardriders, Expedia, Harley-Davidson, Netflix, Samsung and Verizon. Read more


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24 Apr 2020

Germany set to bounce back from lockdown measures, but local brands likely to suffer due to international nature

German businesses are globally-minded and utilise the EU and Madrid system to obtain far-reaching trademark coverage. This approach will have unintended consequences, but brands can rely on a stable government to provide support. Read more

6 Apr 2020

China’s rapid expansion: a lasting impact on the trademark landscape

Chinese filing data reveals that while trademark output may be slowing down, local IP owners are just getting started as brand values skyrocket and focus turns to foreign registers. Read more

27 Mar 2020

Twitter: the land of risk and opportunity

The social media giant has found its voice, and is helping others to build and differentiate their own brands Read more

20 Mar 2020

Singapore’s goal of achieving top-tier status as a hub of innovation and IP looks attainable

Its local brands have an international focus, and big global names also flock to this market. Read more


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13 Mar 2020

Class 9 applications skyrocket due to expansion – and domination – of the tech industry

Data analysis shows that software is the most popular product, and gaming companies are some of the top applicants within the industry. Read more

14 Feb 2020

China’s rapid expansion has made a lasting impact on the trademark landscape, with more to come

Trademark output may be finally slowing down, but local brands are just getting started. Lawyers should therefore keep their eyes peeled as businesses shift their sights abroad. Read more

24 Jan 2020

Brand Tracker: the filing trends of the world’s most valuable brands

In the first instalment of a new series, we track the trademark filing activity of the world’s most valuable brands – revealing that Mercedes-Benz may be gearing up to launch an AI assistant. Read more

22 Nov 2019

Insurance brands are failing to connect with consumers – and this is a problem

The industry is slowly changing, and those that are adaptable and invest in strengthening their product and brand could see a massive pay-out. Read more


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16 Jan 2020

Online brand protection takeaways: tales from the trenches

Throughout 2019 WTR hosted a number of events that provided practical, strategic brand protection takeaways. Below are some of the key action points and insights. Read more

25 Feb 2019

The digital revolution and the future of India’s financial service brands

India's banks operate in one of the world's most active fintech markets. As fraudsters try to take advantage, financial companies must be ready to stop brand infringement. Read more

25 Feb 2019

Challenge, reform and opportunity for Mexican business – a legal perspective

Mexico’s unique business position makes it an attractive investment location. While this brings challenges, it also signals opportunity with the reform of the Industrial Property Law. Read more

25 Feb 2019

All in the name: 101 ways to avoid having a weak mark

Until recently, Italian banks traditionally had highly descriptive names but fell victim to the inherent weakness of those names as trademarks. Banks are now seeking more distinctive names to improve their image and strengthen their brand. Read more