Serge Beliaev

Elena Beliaeva Nina Vasilieva & Partners

Serge Beliaev is a lawyer, chief financial officer and a partner of Elena Beliaeva, Nina Vasilieva & Partners. He graduated from the Byelorussian University of Law and continued his education in intellectual property (at the Russian State Institute of Intellectual Property) and in the analysis of financial markets and the trade in financial assets (at the Academy of Exchange Trade’s ForexClub). Mr Beliaev is certified by the World Intellectual Property Organisation’s World Academy and the National Centre of Intellectual Property of the Republic of Belarus, and is also a member of the Licensing Executives Society. He is highly experienced in industrial property rights, in particular unfair competition issues and infringing use of trademarks. Mr Beliaev advises clients on how to apply for protection measures by customs authorities, and on strategies for combating parallel imports and online IP infringements.

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