Helen Papaconstantinou

Law Offices MG Papaconstantinou

Helen Papaconstantinou is the senior partner at Dr Helen Papaconstantinou, John Filias and Associates and heads the Law Office Dr PD Theodorides – Dr HG Papaconstantinou (est 1920). She graduated from the University of Athens with a law degree and holds a JD from the Free University of Berlin. She held an academic position at the University of Athens (1963-1975). She is an ExCo member of both AIPPI and FICPI, and president of the Greek groups of both organisations; she is a board and council member of EPI, as well as member of ECTA, ITMA, INTA, CIPA and UNION. She has been recognised as a leading expert in the IP field and has distinguished herself in patent and trademark litigation.

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