Bronislavs Baltrumovics

Trademark attorney, Agency TRIA ROBIT
[email protected]

Bronislavs Baltrumovics is a Latvian and EU trademark attorney and a legal adviser at Agency TRIA ROBIT. He obtained an LLB from the Faculty of Civil Law of the Police Academy of Latvia and an LLM from the Turiba Business Administration University, Riga, Latvia. He handles most trademark litigation cases for the firm in Latvia and also represents clients before the EU Intellectual Property Office in opposition and cancellation proceedings. His areas of particular expertise are trademarks, copyright, anti-counterfeiting, unfair competition and domain names, licensing and franchising, as well as general contract law issues related to intellectual property and enforcement. His practice covers legal advice and enforcement, including civil litigation and representation before IP offices. Mr Baltrumovics speaks Latvian, Russian and English.

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