Is your firm doing enough to promote diversity and inclusion?

Is your firm doing enough to promote diversity and inclusion?

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WTR is calling on trademark professionals from every industry to find out what more can be done to support diversity and inclusion (D&I) in the workplace and wider community.

In a unique new project, WTR is surveying trademark professionals from a range of organisations to gain in-depth insight into the industry’s D&I landscape, ultimately asking: is your firm or company doing enough to promote D&I? And how can the IP industry best support and develop diverse talent?

We want to know how diversity is encouraged on a business and industry-wide level, and what more can be done to improve representation and ensure that up-and-coming talent is not being overlooked.

Among other things, we ask:

  • what effect D&I programmes or initiatives are having at your company;
  • what impact being a diverse employee has on IP career opportunities; and
  • whether D&I in the industry seems to be improving.

The results will be used as part of an upcoming Special Report on building a diverse trademark workplace.

Responses to the survey will be treated with full confidentiality. Only anonymised and aggregated information will be used for publication of the results by WTR. Written comments may be used anonymously in editorials as part of our coverage of the results.

The survey is free to enter, and your details will not be used for any commercial purpose, nor be shared with third parties.

Please take five minutes to complete the survey today.

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