'.vn' domain space opens to foreign registrants


The Vietnam Internet Centre (VNNIC), which administers the country-code top-level domain '.vn', is accepting applications for third-level '.vn' domain names from non-Vietnamese entities. The same registration rules apply as to Vietnamese individuals and organizations, namely the domain names must not:

  • infringe intellectual property rights;

  • contain words that are contrary to public morality;

  • contain the general name for a particular type of goods or business field; and

  • contain common geographical names or the name of international organizations, unless the competent authorities have authorized that use.

The registrars allocate domain names on a first come, first served basis. They check for pre-existing domain name registrations without conducting trademark or corporate name searches. However, all registrations are subject to the following further rules:

  • The registrant is required (i) to explain the tie between the domain name and its business field, and (ii) to be wholly responsible for the domain name applied for.

  • If there is any suggestion that the registration will infringe the rights of a third party, the domain name will be published on the VNNIC website for three days. If no opposition is lodged in that period, the domain name will be registered.

  • A domain name that has not been used within 60 days of registration will be revoked, except where the registrant can show legitimate reasons for such non-use.

The '.vn' domain space also comprises three types of second-level domains (2LDs):

  • generic 2LDs, such as '.com.vn', '.org.vn' and '.gov.vn';

  • 2LDs for internet service providers (among other things), such as '.vnn.vn', '.fpt.vn', '.netnam.vn' and '.saigonnet.vn'; and

  • 2LDs for provinces and cities, such as '.hanoi.vn' and '.tp-hochiminh.vn'.

Le Hoai Duong, LÊ & LÊ, Hanoi

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